Lily ChandraLily never dreamed of being a psychic or healer. When her abilities awakened and her destiny unfolded, she was surprised at what she could do. She surrendered to her path of helping others to heal them of health issues and pain. Her intuitive readings gave people guidance on how to live the life they wanted. When she started, she never expected her path to unfold as it did.

Lily began her healing career as a medical intuitive and her healing abilities quickly spread through word of mouth among friends and clients. Her energy healing methods including past life therapy, DNA, karmic, ancestral and soul healing quickly gained recognition as she used them to successfully heal the body and mind of many health issues.

In her sixth year of business in May 2013, she channeled a new method she named Cosmetic Energy Healing®. It took the foundation of her personal healing system and added a component that allowed her to reverse aging and reshape the body as if it were clay. She was able to do many things that plastic surgery can do but with her hands including face and neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentation among many others. Lily is one of the only people on the planet who carries this knowledge.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® can consciously change the body including the DNA and cells back to a naturally healthy and balanced state. Her system pinpoints specific traumas and emotional residue from this life and past lives that she believes creates blocks in the energy body. By clearing these using the methods above, Lily is able to direct that energy to change the body on the inside and out.

Lily is based in Vancouver, Canada and is opening a retreat centre in southern Portugal. She teaches her break through healing art all over the world and has taught workshops and courses in North America, Europe, India and Japan.