Cosmetic Energy Healing® & Hair

Cosmetic Energy Healing® & Hair

To change the physical attributes of hair in Cosmetic Energy Healing® I look at a few factors. The first is the current physical state of the hair. I look at the quality of the hair, the hair shaft and follicles in the scalp. I also look quite closely at the condition of the scalp itself and see if the follicles are clogged. In some cases there are impurities that need to be cleansed which affects how the hair grows. Often heavy metals are present in the scalp which is a very common case if someone is using prescription or recreational drugs. This can greatly affect the follicles in many cases which cause them to malfunction or shut down completely. The first step is to address these issues and make sure that the scalp and follicles are cleansed and functioning effectively.

Genetics and Hair

Once, I’ve brought the hair back into balance, I look at how to change the hair to create the desired look that the client wants. The energy of hair is dense unlike skin which is mostly water. So when working with hair, I find in most cases the treatment involves working with the DNA. In some cases it can be very easy to work with the hair and in others it requires a deeper treatment.

Hair is interesting and as we know various ethnic groups have similar hair characteristics. Africans have black afros, the Irish are known to have fiery red hair, Indian have thick black hair, Asians have straight hair and Caucasians are the only ones who have blonde hair. So in order to do the genetic healing, the treatment involves doing an ancestral healing on the family line and/or their ethic background. Cosmetic Energy Healing® believes that the person chose this type of spiritual healing to treat their hair knowing that the end result would lead to them healing their ancestors whether they consciously know it or not.

Hair on various parts of the body differ in treatment

The hair on various parts of the body require a slight tweaking of the Cosmetic Energy Healing® method. This is because the hair on different parts of the body has a slightly different genetic code based on how you inherited the gene. So in each case the ancestral healing will differ as will the energy healing associated with it.  The hair on the face also follows this rule as the hair on your eyebrows will use a different treatment than the hair on your upper lip. It is very fascinating how the subtleties of this healing art works.

Grey Hair Reversal

Grey hair reversal works in a different way. It looks at how and when your body triggered the greying process. This is often caused by trauma or stress that sets the body out of balance. If this is not corrected, the body continues the ageing process. The treatment for this is to identify the time and event that caused the imbalance and to heal this. The second step is to work on the emotional body and cleanse this energy from the body and mind. The treatment of Cosmetic Energy Healing® comes next. It looks at how to stabilize and reverse the aging programming in the body and genetics. It turns off the aging gene and starts to reverse the grey hair. This treatment can take some time to stick and to fully reverse it permanently.

In most cases treatment of the hair can take longer than the skin as it takes time for the genetic healing to set.