Cosmetic Energy Healing® & the Skin

Cosmetic Energy Healing® & The Skin

When I channelled Cosmetic Energy Healing® the way that I understood the skin changed completely from what I learnt in school in biology class. The body is much more complex than we realize and how the physical body manifests itself goes beyond genetics, diet and exercise. Each part of the body has it’s own role and function plus represents an emotional and spiritual characteristic. Therefore, when we have issues with our body, it could also be triggered by something emotional or spiritual that is blocked.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and consists of water, fat and proteins. It protects the body and provides immunity. It also regulates temperature and excretes toxins through the sweat glands. If the body has a lot of heavy metals or toxic build up that can not be released through the liver, these start to expel themselves through the skin causing imbalance.

Factors That Affect The Skin

Toxins are a major factor and often the initial cause of skin issues. When released the toxins can affect the cellular structure of the skin plus damage and clog pores. If someone is on medication, this is being done on a regular basis and affecting the skin in a negative way. Even when you get off the medications, it can take some time for the toxins to clear out. Toxins in general do a lot of damage on the body and its function therefor the first part of the Cosmetic Energy Healing® skin treatment is to detox the body extensively from the inside out.

Another key factor to skin health is the water content and its temperature. If the water in the skin is too cold or too hot, it can affect the cellular structure. If the water is too hot, this can make the skin thin and sensitive. The water protein ratio is also key as it will determine the structure of the skin and its shaping. The second step to Cosmetic Energy Healing® addresses this and makes corrections.

Emotional Factors Affecting The Skin

The skin is a form of protection and if emotionally you do not feel protected, your skin may go out of balance. The connection between the body and mind is more powerful that it is let out to be. In this case the treatment to heal the skin is to address the energy around protection. This could be from a trauma that one has experienced that is creating this reaction in the body. It could be from a current situation where one lost their job and feels helpless and not protected. It could be many things and this would be the foremost angle when treating the skin, the emotional issue that triggered it. So dealing with the water and toxins may not even enter the session.