Cosmetic Energy Healing® is a spiritual healing art that Lily Chandra channelled in May of 2013. The healing art manipulates the exterior of the body, as if it was clay, and reverses ageing and reshapes the body while facilitating a deep spiritual transformation. At it’s core, it is a means to consciously interchange energy and matter.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® works with the skin to reverse wrinkles, scars, moles, varicose veins, cellulite, and stretch marks. It can also reverse grey hair back to natural, thicken and thin hair, straighten and curl hair, remove unwanted hair and even regrow hair. Lily also has channeled a method to perform energetic facelifts, neck lifts, breast augmentations, butt lifts, tummy tucks and energetic liposuction.

Cosmetic Energy Healing®’s main theory is that when we look in the mirror, how we perceive ourselves is directly proportionate to our relationship with ourselves or the divine within. Spiritual law states that we are mirrors of God. Self-realization is ultimately connecting with the God within and fully embodying the personality of the divine.

So how we perceive ourselves physically, is also an indication of our relationship with the divine. Therefore this spiritual healing method, helps to bridge that connection and brings the individual closer to self love and their relationship with the divine.

The universe has cleverly created this healing art and in order for a physical transformation to happen, an internal spiritual transformation must occur. The practitioner is doing 50% of the dance and the receiver the other half. The healing art alone can not create physical results and is ultimately up to the receiver to allow the transformation to happen.

Lily has seen multiple individuals with a strong desire for physical change go to a deep space internally and create spiritual transformations in themselves. The result is not only a physical change but a deep connection to the divine which people are very grateful for.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® follows the principles that the body is made of matter and our genetic blueprint or DNA, that is passed on by our ancestors, initially creates the body that we are born with.

Cells are constantly dividing and are meant to create exact replicas of themselves. Sometimes cells divide irregularly which creates a new imprint. This cell has a different DNA code and will now continue to divide and replicate the new code. This is how the DNA code changes throughout life. Ageing is merely, a result of this irregular cell division.

When the body is in balance, it intrinsically knows how to heal itself. Cells divide regularly and if any disturbances occur, the body can restore it. When the body is out of balance, the healing process is not as efficient and aging occurs.

The foundation of Cosmetic Energy Healing® is Lily’s personal energy healing system that she uses as a successful medical intuitive and healer to help people with a variety of health issues. Her system pinpoints specific events that cause the imbalance in the energy body and by healing the trauma, she is able to bring the body back into balance and correct health issues.

Lily believes that imbalances can stem from childhood trauma and stressful events such as relationship break ups and financial hardship. Lily’s system also goes back into past lives to see how and when these patterns were created and identifies the karmic lessons.

Where you are on your destiny path is also a key component as the further you are away from it, the further you are from balance. It is our journey in life, whether we know it or not, to be on that path. The universe is fuelling this alignment with all it’s might to get us on it. Health issues can be signs that we are far from our destiny and the universe is trying to get our attention. Therefore, Lily takes this into key consideration when working with clients and guides them to their path which restores balance.

Since it’s inception, Lily has gained a deeper understanding of the workings of Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She has had many successes and is no longer phased by the results. Lily believes that the mainstream consciousness is ready for this shift in belief systems. She deeply appreciates the beauty of the work and how it helps people heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

The applications for Cosmetic Energy Healing® are endless. Many people have sought out Lily as they are looking for non surgical or evasive options to traditional methods. Cosmetic Energy Healing® provides a safe and natural alternative to those people with no side effects. Lily feels very blessed that it is her destiny in this life to share this sacred healing art with the world.

When working with the skin, I generally recommend at least 5 treatments once or twice a week over a five-week period depending on how the client integrates the healing. In general the skin responds to the treatments in about half the time as the hair, as the skin is mostly water and easier to transform.

Energetic Facial and wrinkle reduction

I believe the concept of physical beauty began as a way to identify if someone was happy and healthy. The face is an expression of one’s life story and every thought and feeling that we have during our lives is what creates its shape. Cosmetic Energy Healing® changes the shape of the face by releasing the negative thoughts and feelings that have not been processed.

The energetic facial works with the skin and eyes to reduce wrinkles as well as tighten, firm and lift the skin. It removes discoloration and blends the complexion, reduces and evens out pore size, balances pH and hydrates the skin creating a healthy and natural glow.


In my theory, why scars do not heal themselves is because there is lingering trauma from the event that caused it. So I first release the trauma associated with the incident and find out why the scar did not heal. It could be because of the timing of the event and what was happening in the person’s life at that time. It could be associated with another person who was involved in the incident or the pain of the incident itself. Once this healing is done, I work on using specific techniques to heal the skin and remove any bumps and even out the skin texture and colour.


Moles are past life energy that has manifested in the physical form. They take time to release themselves and even after the treatments are completed, they continue to heal and shrink. I had a client who came for five treatments for a mole that was the size of a small bean. After each session the mole flattened and the colour lightened. By the end of the last session, it had flattened completed and the diameter was reduced by 40%. I was guided to tell the client that we needed no further treatments and that the mole would disappear. The client called me a few months later to let me know that the mole has disappeared completely.

Varicose veins, Cellulite, Stretch marks

Varicose veins are caused by blockages in the veins as well as the hips, knees and ankles. They usually occur in the legs because blood gets stuck there due to gravity. To encourage the flow of the blood, first I unblock the areas of the veins and check the condition of the heart to ensure that it is working efficiently. I then open the hips, knees and ankles and guide the energy throughout the body. Lastly, I repair the veins and reprogram the effects of gravity.

Cellulite is the result of how the skin rests on large collagen balls which creates the appearance of bumps. To fix this, the treatment is to shrink the size of the collagen and increase the number of them. This allows the exterior of the skin to appear flat.

Stretch marks are treated by repairing and shrinking the skin to reverse the damage. The healing techniques also addresses what caused the marks, whether it was a growth spurt, pregnancy, weight gain or an injury. It heals both the skin and the unresolved emotional trauma associated with the marks.

When working with the hair, there are many factors to take into consideration including the state of the skin or scalp, the follicle, hair production and hair health. Hair is genetic and much of the treatment is based on shifting the DNA code for it. We also know that cultural groups have stereotypical hair characteristics. So in order to treat this, it is often seen that ancestral karmas need to be resolved during the hair healing. You can start to get a sense of the complexity and possible scenarios that are involved with the hair.

When working on the hair on the head, the brain and its emotional and mental state are taken into key consideration. With hair regrowth, I look at what caused the follicles to shut down and in most cases it is stress. I look deeply into what this stress looks like and how to correct it.

The hair on each part of the body requires a slight variation in the healing method. Think of how eyelash hair is different from eyebrow hair which is also different from moustache hair. The hair in each area is attached to the skin with a different force and varies in thickness, length and shape. Therefore each area requires slight tweaking.

In general hair treatments can take twice as long as treatments on the skin. Depending on what service you would like done, I recommend 5-10 treatments either once or twice weekly. In all cases, results are based on the individual’s ability to integrate the healing.

Reversal of Grey

Grey hair reversal is done by identifying and healing the stress that triggered the ageing process. The healing includes working with the state of the mind and balancing its emotional and mental state. It looks at genetic factors as well as the state of the hair, scalp and follicle. The work is done on the quantum level and the change can be seen immediately.

Removal of unwanted hair

This treatment is done by shrinking the hair and zapping the follicles to shut down. This can be done to remove unwanted facial or body hair including eyebrows, moustache and back hair to name a few.

Regrowth of hair

Hair regrowth has many layers to it and that’s why even western medicine has not been able to figure it out. The theory in Cosmetic Energy Healing® is that the hair on the head is directly related to the state of the brain. The treatment is to release stress and bring the brain into balance.

Trauma and stress as well as emotions, thoughts, memories and old beliefs are released. This process continues for some time to bring the brain along with it’s mental and emotional state back into balance. Once this is done, the follicles are brought back to life and the hair comes back. Hair regrowth can be shown within the first treatment although the entire head can take 10 treatments or more.

Thicken and Thin hair

For those with too much hair or not enough, Cosmetic Energy Healing® has been successful in doing both. The system works with the genetic component of the follicles and the physical aspects of the hair itself. To thicken the hair, the follicles are increased in diameter and strengthened. To thin the hair, the opposite is done. Hair thins out during pregnancy due to the hormones that are released during that time. The opposite happens during menopause and in both scenarios, the hormone imbalance will be treated to treat the hair.

Straighten and Curl hair

This is addressed by working with the follicle. Curly hair has follicles which are on an angle and straight hair has straight follicles. The treatment is to change the angle of the follicle and to look into the genetic component.

Here, I use my hands like I am creating a sculpture to reshape the face and body as if it were clay. Results vary and may take a few treatments before they are noticeable and in others, results are seen immediately. In order to maintain the results, I suggest three to five treatments for all cases.


I can lift the face by shrinking, strengthening and firming the skin and muscles. I can lift the eyes, make them bigger, lift droopy eyelids, reshape eyebrows and change their position, plump and change lip color and firm the jawline, among others.

Energetic Nose Jobs

I specialize in nose jobs and can reshape the nose and create symmetry and remove bumps. I can fix broken noses, regrow bone and repair deviated septums making breathing easier.

Neck lifts

I see many clients who want an “energetic lift.” I am able to tighten and reprogram the skin to shrink and hold a new shape. I remove lines which are a result of sagging skin. I repair sun damaged skin by smoothing and softening skin while blending the skin tone. In most cases, the work is permanent and will not reverse itself.

Breast Enlargements & Reduction

Cosmetic Energy Healing® can reduce and enlarge breasts and provide shaping. It can lift and tone the breast and tighten the skin to prevent sagging. Methods are available to reduce the weight of the breasts which reduces stress on the back and is good for those who are active.

Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are done by first realigning the back and balancing the seven chakras including the ones that rest along the spine. I check the general posture of the person and realign the vertebrae of the spine. I then check digestion and see how the system is operating. In some cases bloating and gas can cause the stomach to expand and healing this can result in a flatter stomach.

Once I make these corrections, I make sure all the internal organs are functioning properly. I detox the whole system and connect all the parts to make sure that they are relaying information to each other effectively. After this, I then start to work on the physical aspect of the skin and muscles of the stomach. I use a variety of methods to firm, shape and tighten the tummy.

Butt Lift and Shaping

Many woman are concerned about how their bodies looks in their clothes and the energetic butt lift helps to create a desired result on the back of the body. The healing reverses the effects of gravity and creates the desired shape and size while providing lift.

Energetic Liposuction

This method is done by using the principle that energy and matter are interchangeable. I use a variety of methods to shrink and remove unwanted matter from various parts of the body. I then tighten and firm the skin and muscles. This method can be used on the legs, stomach, waist and anywhere else.

There are many positive benefits to Cosmetic Energy Healing® versus mainstream cosmetic and surgical procedures. The treatments are safe and natural and have no negative side effects. They do not require surgery or any invasive treatments which means that you do not require medication which is safe for recovering addicts. There is no recovery time so you do not have to miss work or avoid physical activity, you can live your life as normal.

Among the positive side effects, people comment that they have more energy, deeper sleep, improved digestion, generally a happier mood and not so easily triggered by stress. Cosmetic Energy Healing® benefits many aspects of one’s life while creating inner and outer beauty.