Diet, Exercise & The Body

Diet & Exercise Does Not Equal The Body

When we think of good health we usually contribute this to good genes and a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and exercise. According to Cosmetic Energy Healing® this is only a tiny piece of the equation and in many cases not even relevant. We have been conditioned to perceive reality through the perspective of the time-space  continuum which these rules do apply to. But in fact we exist as much grander beings who operate in many dimensions of consciousness and when we tap into this state, these limited rules no longer apply.

Tuning your Body to Higher Vibrations

When you meditate you tap into a state of consciousness that is beyond the dimension of the physical world. The body feels lighter as the effects of gravity are not so strong. This is because as you shift into these higher states, the rules that govern them are now governing your body decreasing the effects of the space-time continuum. I use this technique to heal the body by transporting the being into higher dimension and performing the energy work there. I integrate the healing in a way so that it does not switch back once in the space-time continuum. I also make adjustments so that the body will maintain the energy field of the higher dimensions and therefore will not operate by the rules of the space-time continuum.

As you can see, the rules of diet and exercise no longer apply to the body in higher states of consciousness. If you can maintain this energy, you can heal your body by simply accessing it and consciously shifting the matter in your body.

Meditation Exercise

I have developed an easy mediation to help you integrate the energy of these higher dimensions into your body. Start by sitting in a comfortable position and feel the energy going through your body. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Connect with your physical body and sense how the energy shifts and becomes weightless. Tune into this feeling and let it permeate every cell in your being. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Shake your energy out and continue your mediation in a natural state. Tap into the areas of your body where you need healing. Feel your body regenerate and heal itself.