Energetic Plastic Surgery

Energetic Plastic Surgery

Energetic plastic surgery is the process of using energy and the hands to do basically what cosmetic surgery does but in an unconventional way. With this method, I have been able to reduce stomach size, perform breast augmentations and liposuction around the body. It is done by using a Cosmetic Energy Healing® technique which can consciously change matter and energy. This is the most complex of all the Cosmetic Energy Healing® techniques at it works on a gross 3D level. I have also be successful at doing these techniques by distance by taping into the divine grid so and transmuting this energy.

Breast Augmentations

This is a common treatment that I do and many find me who want a reduction. Larger breasts cause back pain and people find me who do not believe in traditional surgery. The treatment is usually emotional and I look at how the woman associates with her breasts. Breasts are often associated with mother and sexual energy. The healing would first address these two and allow the energy to balance itself.

The Heart Chakra & Breasts

Breast are physically located near the heart and its chakra. The energy from the heart flows up and out to the breasts. The breasts can be associated with a woman’s identity which is connected to self love. As you can see, healing the heart is a key part of the breast augmentation.

Then after all of this, the Cosmetic Energy Healing® method to enlarge or reduce the breasts is performed. The change can be seen immediately or can take time based on how the emotional healing was processed. It is quite a miracle that energy can transform the body in this way.

Tummy Tuck

The energetic tummy tuck works by looking at what is causing the stomach to be large. Often it is just digestive issues or gas. The first step is to look at how the digestion is working and reset it. This involves looking at the how the body eliminates toxins and absorbs energy from food. It also looks at the condition of the intestines in detail and the state and function of the liver.

In women, the tummy tuck is also associated with mother energy. Unprocessed trauma can sit in the stomach which is associated with issues our mother, our relationship with being a mother, trauma from birth or from the birth of a child.

Once these energies are healed, the energetic process of reducing the matter to energy is done with the hands or by distance methods.

Energetic Liposuction

This treatment works by looking at what the person is holding onto and why. Weight can be a shield or protection that someone manifests to hide themselves. The healing is first looks at this and helps the person feel safe and strong. The  Cosmetic Energy Healing® method then reduces the matter into energy and disperse it.

In all cases of energetic plastic surgery, the treatments can be done is 5 sessions.