Work With Lily

Set up a 30 minute consultation ($250) with Lily and get her personal assessment of how the entity is operating and affecting you. During the consult, Lily will ask you a few questions such as how long have you had the entity, when does it become active and how have you dealt with it in the past. With this info she will come up with an action plan and quote to eliminate the entity for good.

If you are interested in working with Lily please send her an email at [email protected].

What Are Entities?

Entities are dark energies that manifest into many forms and are the cause of many diseases. They work through a host and control the energy of the person and their body. The host may be unaware of what is happening and how this is affecting them. In other cases, people have full awareness of the entity and can feel the foreigner’s actions. The entity needs the host to be in this dimension and without them they have little power.  Since everything is a reflection of oneself, Lily believes that entities are merely manifestations of ones own karma and negative energy from past lives.

How They Work

Entities gain entry into a host through many portals but it must be by invitation. Use of substances such as recreational drugs or alcohol can open the channel which allows the entities access. Use of black magic uses an energetic gateway or portal which allows travel for entities. Karma is always a factor as to why one attracts entities and what the lesson is behind it. Other ways are through curses or doing spiritual practices without proper protection.

Once they have a host, they hijack the control center of the body, the brain. They can then attack the functions of the body and create disease. Many neurological and brain diseases are caused by this as well as incurable diseases such as Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinson’s and brain tumours.

Entity Removal

Entities can be tricky to remove and it is necessary to have a skilled healer to work with you. They tend to latch on with strength and refuse to leave. Without a host, they can not survive in this dimension, they will vanish. Lily has had years of experience successfully removing entities without harming anyone. Healers from all over the world refer this work to her as some feel that it is outside their scope of practice.

It can be very draining to perform this healing and the entities attack the healer and their family. Many feel headaches and tired for days after dealing with these energies. Lily has the rare gift of being able to eliminate entities and guiding them into the healing light for spiritual transformation.

Lily looks at each entity situation individually and comes up with a plan to eliminate them. This work is highly specialized and time consuming. There is much healing that is done before and after sessions and not just when she is working with you. In some cases the entity will need to be worked on for 8 hours a day. Many precautions need to be taken to ensure that the entity is eliminated while safely reducing harm to all of those involved.