How does Cosmetic Energy Healing® work?

Cosmetic Energy Healing® is a sophisticated healing art that Lily channelled in spring of 2013. It works by manipulating the energy body to create a shift in the physical body. It works with the skin and hair to reverse aging and brings the cells into a natural more healthy state. Read more here.

What is a medical intuitive?

A medical intuitive is someone who uses their physic ability to understand health issues. There are many famous ones in history including Caroline Myss and Edgar Cayce. Read more here.

How did Lily get her gifts?

Lily’s abilities awakened and grew over the course of her life. She channelled all of her healing methods which is part of her own personal system. She believes that when her destiny came to be a healer, she spontaneously awakened the abilities that she had in past lives. Read more here.

How many sessions will I need?

In most cases 5 sessions are recommended and 10 in longterm or serious issues. The number needed is based on your specific situation and how you integrate the healings and how ready you are to let go.

Are the online sessions as beneficial as private sessions?

Lily has designed different forms of healings so that people can access her healings in a variety of price points. They all hold the same benefit and are equally as powerful. If you have more than one issue that you would like worked one, then it is recommended to do the email healing as it is more cost effective.

How do I access my online healings and how do they work?

Login in to your account and click on to the online healings on the left side. From there you will see your purchases. Click on it and read the written guided meditation. The energy healing is programmed to be naturally activated. You can read the healing once or daily. Note that the energy healing is only released once per purchased healing. So if you need 5 healings, then you must purchase 5 of the same healing not read it 5 times.

When will I see results?

Results vary greatly in every situation. But in general it takes a few treatments before physical results will be visible. This is because the first couple treatments are cleaning the physical & energy body and getting rid of toxins and resetting the body. The differences will be clearer around the 3rd treatment and it is advised to follow through until 5 treatments to set the energy so to speak. Otherwise the fruits of the healing will lost.

Can anyone learn how to do this type of healing or do you need to be born with a special gift?

Lily was not born with her gifts as they awakened in her late 20s. She believes that it is our natural state and that everyone has this ability inside of them. Lily is known to awaken these abilities in her students and she helps them to further develop them. Many of her students have gone to work as healers as a career. If you have the desire to learn you can look at Lily’s online and in person courses.

Is it really possible to learn Cosmetic Energy Healing® in 5 days?

When Lily received the message that it was time for her to teach, she had envisioned a full time 3 month course. Her guides told her that people would travel from all over the world to study with her and that they would not have that type of time commitment. They told her to hold 5 day courses. Lily was not convinced that this would be possible but followed the instructions. To her surprised, students quickly absorbed her teachings and were performing advanced techniques wishin minutes of learning of them. Many have gone on to be healers and their clients say that they are the best healers that they’ve ever worked with.