Genetic Health Issues & Healing

Genetic Health Issues & Ancestral Healing

Genetic issues are essentially our ancestral karmas that are passed down through the DNA. I believe that when we do not process emotions and energy from our lives, they are stored in our DNA which is then passed down from generation to generation. I also believe that the karma and energy from all of our lives, rests in the DNA in this body. As we learnt in school, the DNA is the building blocks of the body and like an architects blue print. This is in essence what creates the blueprint for the body and it makes sense that this is where karmas are stored.

Evolved souls often take on the contract to clear karma for a group which can manifest into a genetic health condition. When treating these, I see the cause of the issue as genetic. When I do the genetic healing, the messages come to me as to what these karmas are what contract the person made.

In many cases the ancestral heritage of the person is what comes first. So if a person is from India, the energy of what the country as a whole experiences might present itself, such as poverty. The treatment might be to clear the first chakra of limited belief systems. Another might be to heal the whole lineage of political troubles that plagued the country which could have started the poverty in the first place.

There could be an environmental factors that affect the culture so in this example it could be drought or the hot temperature. This could manifest in excessive and long term dehydration which can result in toxic build up in the body or kidney issues. This then could manifest into other health issues which could then be categorized and genetic for a culture.

This ancestral issues can be cleared by looking at the original source of the issue which could be lack of water. So the treatment would go back into history and clear the energy of drought and dehydration. By healing this, all the ancestors in the lineage are helped and their soul receives the benefit. This in turn will help shift the genetics of future generations, the health issue itself plus the karma that was cleared.

Ancestral healing can go as deep as to look at what is suppressing a culture as a whole and work on shifting that. Or it could go back 2 generation and work on resolving something specific like an emotional condition. We sometimes manifests health issues to clear big ancestral karmas.