Karma & The Body

Karma & The Body

Karma is greatly misunderstood and people often think of bad deeds happening to them based on bad actions that they have done in the past. Let me set this concept straight. Karma is actually like a debit and credit system such as money. When you do good deeds, you add to your positive karmic bank and when you do bad deeds, you add to the negative karmic bank. Just like your financial bank account when you make a deposit your balance goes up and when you make a withdrawal, the balance goes down.

So when people speak of good karma or bad karma, they are referring to specific deeds that they have done in past lives that are being paid so to speak in this life. This can affect your life in many ways. When you really need something, a positive karmic may open up and save the day. This can be so in financial situations. Some people appear to always have good luck when other don’t and this is also good karma working.

Karma affects the body as everything in this world is governed by karma. When I tap into the energy body, I see karmas as balls of energy that are meant to be cleared in this life. These karmas clog the energy body and flow into the chakras which then creates the template for the physical body. Pain and health issues are a manifestation of these karmas.

When I am treating health issues, they present themselves as past life karmas. I clear these using various energy healing techniques and once this is done, the problems disappear as the energy body resets itself.

This is also applicable to emotional and mental issues as these can be carried over from past lives. If you experienced a lot of anger in another life and never fully resolved it, you might continue to be angry in this life. Your lesson might be to learn to let go of anger and not get angry in the first place.

Another example is depression. Many people these days suffer from it and can’t shake it off. They have carried karma that wants them to move beyond that limited state. It is up to them to break free and move beyond it.

How you can clear your karma varies greatly. Working with a healer such as myself, who can identify them and clear them using energy healing is a fast approach. You can let karmas go through spiritual practice like mediation, chanting, prayer etc. Another way is to work though it yourself and grasp what you need to learn from each lesson and then transcend it.

In each situation, meditate first to get clarity on what the divine wants you to learn . Even the simplicity of understanding the lesson on a deep level can let the seed go.




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