A medical intuitive is a form of alternative medicine where the practitioner uses their psychic ability to get insight into a person’s health issues. Though to some this is a new concept, there are many famous medical intuitives, the most popular being Caroline Myss and the late Edgar Cayce.

When Lily sees a client, she allows her intuition to guide her to get a sense of what the issue is, where it lies and how it began. She scans the energy body and sees which energy channels and chakras are blocked and receives insight on how to move the stuck energy. The whole process is done through intuition and the benefit is this allows the practitioner to acquire a deeper insight into the health issue.

Lily has her own method of energy healing that she uses during her sessions. She opens a clear channel to receive messages and proceeds according to the guidance. She starts by saying a prayer and sets an intention for healing. The next step is to open the energy body and allow the healing energy to circulate easily. She opens the chakras and clears any stuck energy.

She follows the guides and continues this process of letting go and bringing in healing energy to allow the body to get back into balance. Lily has healed people of many physical health issues including physical pain, back injuries, heart and lung issues, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, food and pet allergies, irritable bowel syndrome among many others.

Lily has also been successful in helping clients work through mental health issues including addictions, depression, anxieties and trauma. Her healing method releases negative thoughts and emotions while breaking the loop of the thought pattern. She replaces them with positive thoughts and emotions.

A typical healing session done either in person, over the phone, or on Skype, starts with intuitive counselling through a discussion with the client about their issues and concerns. Lily then receives messages to gain a deeper sense of the client’s issue, sharing understanding and providing guidance.

When both parties are ready, the energy healing portion of the session begins. The client lies comfortably on a massage table or relaxes at home. Lily then clears her mind and creates an intention for the highest purpose of healing. She then receives messages from the divine on which methods to perform to heal the body.

Our genetics are passed down from our ancestors and they determine the physical shape of our body. Throughout our lives, our genetics are altered because of irregular cell division that is caused by trauma, stress, toxins among other things. Fortunately, we are able to change and reprogram our DNA through meditation, power of the mind and various healing modalities.

In cases of genetic disorders and mental health issues, DNA reprogramming can be the solution. There are many ways to do this form of healing and Lily has created her own personal method. One way to change the code is to go back and slowly reverse the irregular changes to the DNA code. Another method is to create a new code which creates the blueprint for a healthy body both mentally and physically.

Cellular healing looks at the body from the basic unit, the cell. Each cell has the intelligence to build the whole body but knows which cell in the body it is. If the basic functions of the cell is not working properly, the body can not process toxins or receive energy from its metabolic process. So the function of each cell is also critical to the health of the body. Lily has developed her own cellular healing system that she uses in her method.

All of our thoughts, memories and emotions from each life accumulates and makes an energetic imprint on our soul. If we have not healed those experiences, the energy is carried over into future incarnations. This can be the source of health issues and our emotional state including fears in which the cause is unidentifiable.

Energy that is lingering from past lives can attribute to addictions, negative thought patterns that we can not let go of, self sabotaging behaviour and other issues that seem to have a tight hold on us. If the pattern has repeated itself in past lives, the energetic grip becomes tighter and tighter in continuous lives therefore making it difficult to break the habit.

Lily is able to witness past lives and communicate with the soul to heal them. I receive messages about unhealed trauma and emotions and resolve the issues on the soul level. I also perform energy healing if necessary and release the energy from the spirit body, DNA and cells. By healing the energy of past lives, we are able to carry the new energy into this life which can change a person’s life drastically creating good health and balance in the mind.

Our thoughts, memories and emotions make imprints on our DNA and if we don’t heal them, we pass that on to our children at the time of conception. I believe that genetic disorders are unprocessed memories and traumas from our ancestors that have not been healed and are passed through the generations. The cleansing of ancestral lines clears these traumas and the energy associate with it which allows the DNA to reprogram itself. This new DNA code will be passed down through future generation and prevent the genetic issue to continue.

To perform the ancestral healing, Lily goes back in the family tree and heals the person who started the cycle. She carries this energy through the family line and reprograms the DNA of the person who she is working with. She then proceeds to heal the issue that she is working on. Ancestral healing is very powerful and affects those that are involved in the healing and the family members in between. The healing affects future generations and future incarnations of those who are involved.

This service looks at your spiritual destiny and gives you advice on how to achieve the life you desire. When you are on track and heading in the right direction, life unfolds naturally and it seems as though the stars are aligned. When we are off, little things trigger us and life seems difficult no matter how hard we try. I believe that health issues are signs that you are off your destiny path.

Lily looks at your destiny line on a map and locates your current position in relationship to it. She sees if you are on track and headed in the right direction. If not, She guides you into the right direction and clear cuts the path ahead to make it visible and easy to navigate. She looks to see if any obstacles are present, which could be fears or limiting belief systems and removes them with her healing modality. She helps by giving you the skills, tools and courage to live your destiny.

This simple redirection can create big shifts in a person life. Once we are headed in the right direction, the momentum will build and things will start to happen organically. Bad habits disappear and positive ones become part of our lives without any effort or regrets. On a physical level people comment that they lose weight as they are no longer emotionally eating and naturally making the right food choices. They also feel more peace and happiness as stress naturally disappears.