These written, guided healings work like Lily’s in person healings but are designed to be economical and accessible to all. They are mini meditations which are embedded with healing energy that is activated upon ordering and/or reading them. Each healing is designed to reverse aging and heal the body by unravelling the old programming in the mind and body and addressing what is causing it. This jumpstarts transformation in the cells, DNA and soul which guides the body towards a natural and healthy state.

These healings are like seeds that need to bloom. Depending on the conditions, you may see results immediately or it may require a few treatments. Ordering multiple healings is like watering a plant. Each time you order one, the transformational energy is released and starts to work on the next layer. For skin issues, 5 treatments are recommended once or twice weekly. For hair 5-10 treatments are recommended once or twice a week. In some cases, you may need to continue treatments after the recommended amount. It is recommended to complete the full amount of healings otherwise the results may not hold.

Once, you’ve ordered the healing, Lily is notified and she sends the healing energy to you remotely. You can access the online healing in your account and read it if you wish. You only need to read it once but can read it daily if you like. The energy healing in it is programmed to be unlocked and activated as it is meant to. This could be when you order it, when you read it or when Lily manually activates it. It is recommended to purchase all the healings at once so that you stay on schedule to receive the best benefits.