Open House June 3, 2017

Open House June 3, 2017 Vancouver

This year is not even half way through and I am feeling so blessed. It feels like one of the best years of my life as the divine showers me with 2 beautiful new homes within a couple months of each other. I announced earlier that I acquired a beautiful new property in Portugal that will be a retreat centre.

I’ve also been blessed with a beautiful new home that I built a couple blocks from Jericho beach in Vancouver, Canada which is finally finished. I am having an Open House from 12 – 2pm on Saturday June 3, 2017 so that you can come visit my new healing space and office. Feel free to bring friends who would like to meet Lily or take her classes. Please email [email protected] for the address.

Door Prizes & Specials

Everyone who comes through can take advantage of the specials and will have a chance to win a private session with Lily among other prizes.

Private Sessions $150

Your next private session in the month of June will be on special for $150. All you need to do is book and pay during the open house.

Courses 10% Off

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Courses will be an additional 10% off the already promotional price.
The Intuition Workshop will be on sale for $75.

Framed Photography & Cards

Lily’s framed photographs will be on sale from $20-$50.
Her photography cards will be 10 for $20.

Semi precious stone malas

Beautiful semi precious stone malas from India will also be available for purchase.

Payment will be accepted by cash or credit card.