Lily ChandraLily offers private one-on-one sessions in person, via Skype, over the phone or by email for all of her services. During a session you can ask Lily questions about all aspects of your life. Lily believes that everything is connected and by finding the core cause of the issues, spontaneous change can happen instantly.

Lily uses her intuitive guidance to answer your questions. There is always a contract as to why you find her and she will relay any other messages that she receives to you.

She is not in the sense like a traditional psychic who does fortune telling even though she can see the future. She focuses on how to help you evolve spiritually and her gift is meant to help beings on their path to self realization.

Her sessions consists of a talk therapy portion and energy healing. She is guided to use specific techniques and all of Lily’s healing modalities work together complimentarily and have no side effects. They benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spirit body and the transformation trickles into all aspects of your life. This work is safe for all including children, the elderly and animals.

Lily requires a minimum commitment of 10 sessions if you would like to work with her one-on-one. It is recommended to come once or twice a week which allows her to carry the momentum of each healing forward to effectively work through the layers. In your first meeting with Lily, she will evaluate what your goals and help you achieve them. All cases vary and it is important to be committed to receive effective and lasting results.

To book your appointment please email Lily at [email protected]