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This 1 hour healing is done remotely and all correspondences are done via email. To order the healing please fill out and submit the form below and then proceed to the checkout.

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Lily can work on health, cosmetic, and mental health issues. You can request as many things as you like and she will check with the divine as to which ones she is allowed to work with. In some cases, she might suggest ordering online healing and focusing her private sessions on other issues. Her goal is to create the best program that will help you efficiently and with the best price point.

The session will take the path of a regular healing as she communicates with the divine to help you. She will perform energy healing as she is guided to and will relay any messages that come up via email. She will send you notes of the healing methods that she performs and why she was guided to do them.

The number of healings that is recommended is the same as for in person healings. In general 5 weekly sessions are recommended and more might be required. For more longterm or serious health issues, 10 or more are usually recommended. Based on your situation, you might be recommended to have sessions twice a week or even 10 days apart.

It is important to know that if you do not follow the recommendations that are given, you might delay the healing process. Each healing builds on the previous ones energy and if the treatments are delay it is like starting over again. If finances are an issue then please wait until you can follow the protocol for best results.

Once your healing is performed, you will receive an email with an outline of the session and you may ask questions if necessary. You will also receive a recommendation for how many sessions that you will need and how Lily suggests that you go about treatments.

Please note that this healing method is equally as powerful as a private healing or online one. You can order this healing for someone and they will receive the full benefit.