Spiritual Beauty

Spiritual Beauty

Cosmetic Energy Healing® believes that how we see ourself in the mirror is directly related to how we perceive ourself as divine consciousness or God. Our connection to the divine Self is reflective of how we feel about our self or self love. So beauty is merely a reflection of our personal view of ourself.

We all have good days and bad days. In the same way on some days we feel good about ourselves and on other days we don’t. Sometimes we are proud of our accomplishments and in other situations we beat ourselves up for how we handled something. This energetic vibration is what Cosmetic Energy Healing® signifies as beauty.

Your Energy Field & Beauty

The energy that you radiate is a mixture of your thoughts, feelings and divine Self. These create a vibe about you and is the energetic impressions that people sense when meeting you and being in your presence. If your energy fields connect then you are likely to get on well. Beauty is the reflection of this energy field which can be interpreted as physical beauty.

Beauty can be seen as physical or a way to measure a personality. When you meet someone who has touched your heart, you say that they are beautiful referring to their energy. When someone touches you in this way, you sense a nonphysical form of beauty which often flows into seeing them as physically beautiful. As these concepts of beauty merge, one sees themselves as beautiful based on these concepts.

How the Concept of Beauty was Created

I have many theories on how the concept of beauty was created. I believe that the original concept of how the general culture perceived the body was based on health and wealth. There are many times in history when food and money were scarce because of wars, the environment and economic status. When various plagues and diseases struck, the first indication that you were sick would be shown in your body. People who live in developed worlds have also faced this and it is common place for those currently living in developing countries.

I remember visiting Fiji, where my parents are from, as a teenager where people were constantly trying to feed me. I was average in size and they believed that I was sick so they were trying to force feed me. In many cultures where people are poor and do not have access to regular meals, a thin body is related to poverty and not eating properly which results in disease.

Larger bodies are associated with wealth. These people have the money to eat until they are full plus eat desserts and fancy foods. Many have servants who take care of menials task and therefore they are not burning off as many calories thus gaining weight. In some cultures, women who have a robust body can signify strong child bearing qualities which is very desirable when choosing a mate. I believe that these concepts of beauty have changed and evolved over time.

The Media & Beauty

Beauty in today’s world is reflective of the unattainable ideals that the media has projected on society. In fact, all the images that we see on tv and in magazines are photoshopped and people wear heavy make up, even the men. Companies are tapping into the desire that people have to feel good about themselves to marketing and sell products.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good or to feel good about yourself. It is how the media creates a unrealistic standard that is not right. When we feel good, we leave our homes feeling like we can take on the world and create anything that we want. We feel powerful and happy. This is the feeling about the self that I help people feel. Life feels perfect when we are connected to the deeper part of our self. It is from here that beauty radiates.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® connects the person with this divine part of the Self and helps them stay established in this space. As the energy of this space grows, the person sees reality as the beautiful divine play that it is.


Your Face Tells The Story Of Your Life

The first time that I travelled to India I was in my early 20s. I remember my first day there walking around in New Delhi at Connaught Circle trying to cross the road amount a sea of pedestrians, cars, bicycles, camel carts, elephants and much more. I could not believe how many different types of people I could see from wealthy businessmen to poor street men in turbans wearing a wrap around cloth as pants riding a bicycle rickshaw with 5 or more people in it. I remember looking at people’s faces and being able to read their whole life story.

That was almost 20 years ago now and the memory came back to me clearly when I started to channel the theory behind how Cosmetic Energy Healing® works. Our face and body is a reflection of our story and past. Every facial expression, thought and emotion creates the shape of our face.

Think of what a baby looks like at birth, round and plump. As they grow up their thoughts begin to create the shaping of their face and features. If you look at siblings and their photos when they are young, you will notice that as they grow, their face starts to develop features as they get older. Even some people within the same family who looked similar when younger, can look very different when they are older. This is all because of the thoughts that created their face definition.

The method that Cosmetic Energy Healing® uses to reverse aging and do facials is to heal the unprocessed energy from our life. This could be old thoughts, emotions, stress or trauma that is lingering in the energy body, cells or physical body. By doing so, the healing resets the energy body and cells to bring it back to a healthy state. In some cases, it can reverse it back 20 years or more taking ages off a person.

This allows the physical features the space to go back to what it looked like before the stress or trauma. It is possible or the eyes, cheeks, neck and face to be lifted while creating a beautiful healthy glow.