Spiritual Law & the Art of Manifesting ~ 5 Week Class

Spiritual Law & the Art of Manifesting ~ 5 Week Class

Wednesdays Nov 1 – 29, 2017 ~ 7-9pm ~ Register 

The result of spending a beautiful 12 days sailing on the Mediterranean with Abraham Hicks has been immense. It was my fourth extensive event with them and I had taken a 3 and a half year break. I was guided to sign up months in advance and as the date to board the cruise appeared it was clear to me why I was going.

During the 3 and a half years, I released many old beliefs about reality and myself. I knew that I had gotten to the place where I needed help to get to the next level. Well a couple days into the cruise my insights were so clear and my limits shattered spontaneously. Insights about other limiting beliefs that I had never seen became so clear and washed away instantly. This happened so elegantly and peacefully.

Since, so much freedom is felt in my heart and soul. My sense of myself and my confidence has been strengthened in a flowing way. It has been very empowering and graceful at the same time. While on the cruise, I channeled Abraham and many other groups. I received many new messages about my work and new information and courses to offer. It was a life changing experience.

Another beautiful part of the experience is that my 18 year old daughter, Coco accompanied me. I’ve taught her all of teachings of Law of Attraction but it was her first time being in the workshop. Before we left, I asked her what she wanted to manifest. She replied that she has everything that she wants. The only thing that she wanted was to study fashion in Paris. She sent off her applications a couple days before we left on our flight to Europe. Only 10 minutes after we left our hotel in Barcelona to board the cruise ship, she got accepted into one of the schools that she applied for. A week later she was accepted into the other school in Paris.

She then had the dilemma to chose between them both. She admitted that she didn’t expect to get into them both. I told her that she is a good manifester and that her whole life is ahead of her and she can create anything that she wants. I wish my parents had taken me on workshops like this at that age. At 18 years of age, my daughter Coco has made her dream a reality. This January she moves to Paris to study fashion. Her lack of limits of what she believes she can achieve inspires me.

If you want to learn this too, I’m teaching an amazing 5 week course that will help you unlock your beliefs and make your dreams a reality. It is so easy and past students have manifest desires instantly. This will be the last time that I offer this class in a group so please sign up! Click here for more info.