Learn How to use Spiritual Law to Create the Life You Want.

Spiritual Law works on many levels and the main one is that thoughts create your reality and the manifest world is a mirror of your thoughts & beliefs. Beliefs are merely thoughts that you have many times that become a framework of your reality. As we change these, so does your reality.

Work with Lily Privately

Lily will work with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals. Please come with a list of goals that you would like to achieve and Lily will take you through a series of exercises to help you achieve them. She will help you identity the core beliefs that are creating your reality. Analyze the influence from where your beliefs come from and help you identify and understand the spiritual lessons behind it. She will teach you how to manifest your reality and look at the aspects of it intricately.

You can book your appointment online by clicking here. 

Identify Your Beliefs

The first step is to look closely at your beliefs to understand what you are creating and why. This includes how you view yourself, how you perceive the world and how you believe it works including your place in it. This creates the framework of “your” reality. Lily helps you to identity these beliefs and break down their limits.

She looks at key ideas that you adopted from your childhood and family that are still affecting you. She works through these by helping you see through a different perspective or lens of reality.

Old habitual beliefs can be karmic or rooted in past lives and in these situations, Lily does energy healing to shift this.

Positive Energy & Vibration

Your energy or vibration is the other key factor in spiritual law. If you look at life through a positive lens and see the spiritual lessons in life you will transcend the situations that you keep attracting. Lily helps identify the spiritual lessons that the universe wants you to learn and sometimes she uses energy healing to help you release it. As you learn and integrate the lessons, your being will feel fuller as your vibration rises. The higher the vibration, the more positive energy you attract.

Manifesting: Creating Intentions & the Subtlety of Allowing

Once you’d cleared your beliefs and raised your energy then you can pursue learning to manifest.  The art of manifesting is a beautiful divine play and a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. There are many key factors and all of them are equally as important. The first step is creating an intention of what you want and why. Step 2 is to send your intention into the energetic space of the unmanifest world.

The most important piece in all of manifestation is the allowing. If the universe gives you something and you don’t take it then this is the key issue. This is something to look at closely and whether you feel that you deserve to be abundant. Some belief that it is for everyone else but themselves. Mastering this can be shift that changes your world.

Spiritual Law can be applied to any aspect of life including career, relationships, finance, health or spirituality. It is an easy way to shift your reality instantly.