Study Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Study Cosmetic Energy Healing®

I am happy to announce that I have many courses coming up and I hope that you come study with me. I am holding courses in Vancouver & Portugal this summer and fall starting next month. All of my courses are on sale to promote both my new spaces in both of these places. Even better if you come to my open house in Vancouver, Canada on June 3, 2017 from 12 – 2pm and register, you get and extra 10% off! The classes will be small so sign up early to ensure a spot.

Level I ~ Medical Intuition & Energy Healing

In this foundations course, you will learn Lily’s system of healing the body using intuition and advanced energy healing techniques. Lily has the ability to transmit knowledge to those who are ready to receive it. By being in her energy field, you can absorb the teachings in this easy way. You will learn how to tune into why a person attracted a health issue and what the spiritual lesson is behind it. You will learn many energy healing techniques to heal the body including cellular, DNA and ancestral healing, past life therapy, karmic healing & spirit communication.

This is a hands on class and you will practice the healing techniques on each other for the majority of the class. This will give you time to work closely with Lily to refine your method and gain a strong understanding of the concepts. This is a great course for anyone who wants to take their health into their own hands or is interested in becoming a practitioner.

*Next course June 10 or 16, 12 – 5pm & June 17, 18, 2017 ~ 10 – 5pm
Vancouver, Canada ~ $750 (reg $1000)
*Portugal ~ August/Sept 2017 ~ €500 (accommodation & food is available for an additional cost)

* You can attend either June 10 or 16 for the Intuition portion of the class. The dates are designed to accommodate those who have weekends off and those travelling for the course.

Level 2 ~ Cosmetic Energy Healing® Skin

The Level 2 course introduces the core principles behind Cosmetic Energy Healing® and how it works. You will look at what creates the manifest world and where the blueprint for this comes from. Cosmetic Energy Healing® looks at the physical world, the energy world, which has a dynamic quality, and also the space before that from where the manifest dynamic sprung from. By looking at all of these levels of the reality and having the ability to shift them, one can change the physical body.

You will learn from this perspective what causes aging and skin issues. You will learn to use Cosmetic Energy Healing® to reduce wrinkles, scars, moles, varicose veins, stretch marks and cellulite. You will also learn how to do energetic facials including face and neck lifts. Many take this class to do these methods on themselves as well as to become practitioners.

*Next course June 23,24,25, 2017 ~ 10 – 5pm ~ Vancouver, Canada ~ $750 (reg $1000)
*Portugal ~ August/Sept 2017 ~ €500 (accommodation & food is available for an additional cost)


Level 3 ~ Cosmetic Energy Healing® Hair

In this fun class you will spend time playing with hair and bring out your inner hairstylist. According to Cosmetic Energy Healing®, hair issues are caused by genetics, toxins in the body, heavy metal build up and stress. In some cases it can be a scalp or follicle issue. In cases of genetics, the person often finds Cosmetic Energy Healing as they made a contract to clear ancestral karma for their family line. As you can see, it varies in terms of what the reason behind hair issues are why a person finds Cosmetic Energy Healing® as a solution.

In this course you will learn how to thicken/thin hair, regrow/remove hair, reverse grey hair, straighten/curl it. Plus colour and style it to look like you’ve just come out of the hairdresser.

*Next 2 day course TBA Vancouver, Canada ~ $750 (reg $1000)

Please email [email protected] to register or for more information. I look forward to seeing you soon ~ Lily