Lily is a devoted teacher. She really cares about her students and their evolution as both spiritual beings, and as practitioners of the art of Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She devotes a lot of time and energy making sure that everyone grasps the concepts AND the practice of her techniques. Her method of teaching follows a sequence where each piece builds on the one before. As a teacher she also flows with the energy of what is needed by the students in the class at any given moment. Her classes are fun, experiential, and hands-on.

The course involves many opportunities to give as well as to receive healings — students are immersed in 5 days of extended healing. And Lily has great healing hands! I love receiving treatments from her, especially facials.

Besides the techniques, Lily also helps people learn the basics of starting a practice, and is available to support graduates in this area as a mentor. She is very committed to her students.

Lily really has faith in her students and their ability to open their healing and intuitive abilities. She believes in empowerment. I’ve learned a great deal from her since the first class I took in Nov 2014. I’m so glad that I made the decision to study with Lily! It has played a significant role in my own healing.

Carolyn Spiritual Seeker, Santa Barbara, California
Christina D

One of the big things I love about Lily is her versatility as a healer. While I was initially attracted to her for her unique gift of Cosmetic Energy Healing®, I quickly learned that she is also a skilled medical intuitive, and gifted spiritual counsellor and business mentor as well.

Her personality is so lovely, and from our first session I immediately felt at ease and safe. She is warm and non-judgemental, and I find it very easy to speak with her about personal concerns.

Physically, my hair had been visibly thinning from stress and after working on it in just one of our sessions, I noticed my part had gotten smaller and my hair looked noticeably thicker at the roots. She also did some work on my face, after which looked immediately tighter, my cheeks higher, and I had clear, glowing skin for days. Other physical improvements have been noticeably tighter skin on my abdomen, improved digestion and a metabolism-reset, which has helped me to lose 10 lbs. It’s been months since I started working with her and all of these improvements have been permanent.

Immediately after each session I always notice a HUGE boost in my overall mood and energy levels, which seem to last for days after. People react to me differently, I’m physically glowing, and men seem drawn to me like moths to a flame! Her single email healings are also incredibly powerful and upon opening them I feel a huge surge of energy coming through my body.

Today I feel significantly more powerful, confident, and at ease overall. My body feels different and I know it is functioning better because of her help. I feel as though I am vibrating on a higher level and that I am in an overall greater state of allowance in my life and in my business.

Lily Chandra is the real deal. She is a powerful and gifted healer who brings her personal essence to each session to create a unique and powerful experience every time. I’ve recommended her to my family members who have had successful sessions with her as well. Working with Lily is an honour and a true pleasure!

Christina D Entrepreneur, Ontario, Canada
Maiyah Olivas

Doing the one week intensive Cosmetic Energy Healing® Training with Lily Chandra profoundly increased my personal abilities and improved my practice. With Lily’s firm and fun guidance, I let go of unnecessary energetic baggage that was keeping my business stuck, and since then have manifested huge breakthroughs in my income, self-confidence and relationships of all kinds!

In addition, my roommate and friends immediately noticed positive changes in my appearnace. My classmates’ work on me plus Lily’s work on me reduced my double chin, sculpted my cheekbones, reduced my body fat percentage and improved my muscles definition all over my body. The Cosmetic Energy Healing® Training provided me with many tangible benefits both physically and financially while also releasing me from many fears and anxieties around my personal appearance. I highly recommend it, whether or not you are planning to be a practitioner. I received about $10,000 worth of energy work during the week I studied with Lily, and I am deeply grateful for the wonderful experience and outstanding results!

Maiyah Olivas U.S.A.
Melsie Holder

“I first came to Lily out of intrigue for the Cosmetic Energy Healing® that she offers. I arranged to have a session over skype, as I am based in UK and therefore cannot visit her in person, and the first thing that struck me was how lovely and down to earth she is. Lily also has a peacefulness about her but at the same time is full of life and she looks great – all of which to me are the ultimate testimonial for what she offers! I proceeded to have a 30 minute session for an energetic face lift, and apart from feeling wonderfully relaxed during and after the session, I also noticed that my skin really did look healthier and plumper!

Since that first session, Lily is now on my speed dial! I myself am in this field and I am the ‘go to’ for others every day, so when I found Lily, who’s insight and approach is a perfect fit for me, I was so very happy that I now too have a ‘go to’ for myself who I really trust and love working with. The thing that really stands out to me with Lily’s work, is that it is very powerful and fast, but it is so, so gentle at the same time. I have never had any down time after her sessions, only up time!

I have not had any more sessions for Cosmetic Energy Healing®, but I have had many to resolve a few emotional and physical issues that I was ready to release and move on. And through having these sessions, I have also experienced a huge leap within my spiritual growth. To give an example of a physical issue Lily has recently helped me with was when I had quite severe hip and back pain (something that I had suffered with on and off for a few years) – after one session, it got much easier that evening, and by the morning it had completely gone!

Lily has also helped my husband with the after effects of complications from surgery, which has helped him kick start his recovery. Thank you Lily, for all you do for us (o: xx “

Melsie Holder London, U.K.
Tara C., R.N.

Thankfully, I found Lily and she has worked her magic with phenomenal results. I have experienced a face/neck lift and all my wrinkles greatly diminished. To my supreme amazement my spider veins on my legs…well let’s just say my legs are looking beautiful again! I can wear my bathing suit with great confidence.

I have also taken Lily’s classes and I’m now practicing my new skill with love, attention and her support. These incredible healing results require loving yourself, patience and trust. Lily leads you to that place within. I am eternally grateful to Lily, she is a loving healer, beautiful gentle spirit and so willing to share her gifts.

Tara C., R.N. North Vancouver, Canada.
Tonette Ross

I have been very pleased with the results from my sessions with Lily for the Cosmetic Energy Healing®. Especially for my hair, neck and the skin on my upper arms and thighs. One day after a session three people commented on my hair! It looked thicker and fuller. One person didn’t even recognize me! When I shook my head it just felt as if I had more hair swinging around too. Very happy about that.

With my arms and thighs it is very subtle yet very apparent. They just look more toned. More defined. I can actually see the muscle in my upper thigh and my upper arms don’t feel as ‘flabby’. I’m the same weight and I haven’t changed my fitness routine ( actually have been slack lately) and its so nice to see the definition.

But the most stunning improvement has got to be my neck. I really notice the diminished lines there. I’m over 50 and its great to have a neck that does not ‘give it away’.

One more thing. It just happened when I left one of the sessions. My vision improved! I could read the text messages on my phone! Hadn’t done that in a couple years. Wow….. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. But it did. Thank you so much Lily. You have a wonderful gift!

Tonette Ross Dental Hygienist, Vancouver, Canada

Lily Chandra is a wonderfully deep and insightful energy healer and teacher. Her sessions are heavenly and one feels very nurtured and taken care of. As a teacher, she really shares her breadth of knowledge in a friendly, accessible and organised way. She really makes sure that each student is absorbing and applying the information.

I highly Recommend Lily both as an energetic healer and teacher. It is really worth the investment.

Julio Markets Strategist & Trader, Santa Barbara, California