The Beginning of Cosmetic Energy Healing®

The Beginning of Cosmetic Energy Healing®

The day that I channelled Cosmetic Energy Healing® is crystal clear in my mind. I was working with a client on a beautiful spring day in May 2013. My new client spoke of the issues that they had and I shared my perspective on the situation. They commented that they had come to realize my points but still could not move beyond their old ways. I really wanted to help them and it came to that they needed nurturing.

For the first time ever, I was guided to give a client a very soft healing touch massage. I touched them in a manner in which a mother would to soothe a child or put them to bed. I did this for the rest of the treatment and noticed that the energy coming out of my hands felt different. It was only after the session that I realized that I was channelling a new method.

I asked a couple of my good clients if I could practice on them. Very quickly, I realized that I could reverse aging and do everything that plastic surgery could do but with my hands. It was a miracle to me what I could do. I decided to call it Cosmetic Energy Healing® and looked it up on the internet. To my surprise, I found that no one was doing this type of healing yet! This became even more curious.

How it works

Cosmetic Energy Healing® heals the exterior of physical body by releasing the story that created the body. Facials and wrinkle removal are done by erasing the thoughts that created the facial expressions which caused the lines. Veins are released by identifying blocks that a person has. Hair is treated by changing the DNA and ancestral karmic healing is done. Each type of cosmetic treatment has its own method of energy healing that is used. When people come to me for Cosmetic Energy Healing® I believe that they know on a deeper soul level that they are really coming for deep energy healing and that we made a contract before we incarnated.

I started to question how I could change the physical body. I thought about this for some time and the answer came to me. Btw, answers often come to me via channelling and the divine…not books or research. These bodies operate in the physical dimension and when we start to break down gross matter we start to move into molecules and then atoms. From here we move into the non physical word and energy.

The Non physical world

Energy has a dynamic quality to it and it can be manipulated. When I do my healings, this is what I am doing. Beyond the energy world is a primordial space of consciousness that is not dynamic, it just is. This is divine consciousness at it most innate self. This is God.

My work as a medical intuitive looks at the energy body and removes old stuck energy and redirects it to heal the body of health issues. I align the energy body with the divine consciousness so the energy flows from the consciousness to the energy body to the physical naturally and healing it as needed.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® does the same thing but takes things to a new level by consciously reshaping the body. It does not just clear the energy it adjusts the energetic blueprint which then changes the model that it creates.This is done with various techniques but mainly through power of intention and using the spiritual law that thoughts create your reality.

Identifying Factors That Cause Aging

It also works by looking at how and why the body started to age. It looks at the genetic factors and repairs genes if necessary or makes them dormant. It also looks at how traumatic and stressful events have made imprints on the body and clears these.

The other key factor that causes aging is whether the body is naturally healing itself or if it is slowly degrading. This is addressed by activating the natural healing process in the body which then corrects any cellular or genetic damage. It also looks at what is causing this and fixes this as well. Toxic build up and organ malfunction can also cause aging so these are also addressed.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® works on healing the body on the inside and out and is a beautiful and complex spiritual healing art. It has many positive side effects such as better sleep, more energy, improved digestion, positive outlook on life and much more. It has unlimited applications and eliminates the use of drugs or surgery with no side effects and is safe for children, the elderly and animals.


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