Thoughts Affect Your Body & Life

Thoughts Affect Your Body & Life

There are 3 key spiritual laws that govern the human experience.

1. Thoughts create your reality.
2. You are the creator of your reality.
3 Everything is happening as it is meant to.

Law 1~ Thoughts Create Your Reality

These principles affect all aspects of reality including the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. How we think and what we belief affects our lives in a deeper way that we realize. Repeditive thoughts turn into beliefs which then creates the outlook that we have on ourself and the world. Based on the law of attraction, we attract experiences based on our beliefs of the world.

How we think and feel creates an energy field that emits from inside and creates a bubble around us. Law of attraction believes that like attracts like and whatever we are emitting we will attract. This could come in the form of a situation, experience, object or material, and even our mental and physical health.

For example, if you think that people are out to take advantage of you, you will consistently attract those who do until you shift your mind set about it and the pattern will stop. Why you have this belief could be karmic and perhaps you did this in a past life and need to balance the karma in this life.

A way to shift this pattern is to consciously shift your belief system. This starts with understanding how you created the belief. When did these things happen to you and how did it make you feel. Start to unravel your concepts about the belief and recognize the times when this was not true. It only feels true because of the power that you give it. Take your time and process the incidents that you can remember that still have an emotional charge. If this is something that happened to you when you were vulnerable, it could make a stronger imprint. Don’t judge it but give it space to heal.

Many of our beliefs come from our parents and our childhood upbringing. We chose those families knowing that it would trigger those beliefs and the karma of what we wanted to learn. The key is not to blame anyone but to learn the lessons and transcend them. Recognizing them is the first step and then mentally process it to understands it. It may take time to process it energetically but that will also be based on the karma associated with it.

Beliefs & the Body

Beliefs about your self also manifest into physical issues such as fatigue, depression, pain and other health issues. Everything is created by the mind. Stress and emotional issues cause the body to go out of balance and then it is not repairing and healing itself effectively.

I believe that the body knows how to naturally heal itself and when this innate part is turned on, the body can heal itself of anything, including cancer. How to trigger this can be done easily through positive thinking or happiness and laughter. Anytime a person is happy is triggers an awakening in the physical body and the soul feels full. This is the key to good health and eternal happiness.Therefore is it important to stay positive and maintain a love for life to create a healthy body and happy life.

Law 2 ~You are the Creator of Your Reality

The second spiritual law states that you are the creator of your reality. This world is a grand play and you are the lead actor. At some point the actor realizes that they are also the director of this play. This is when we become more in tune with the universe and the divine energy that governs us. Our world starts to reflect our conscious thoughts and desires and events start to manifest based on our needs. Reality becomes a fun play and experience. We begin to step back from the doer of our actions and enjoy the beautiful unfolding of everyday life.

Law 3 ~ Everything is Happening as it is Meant to

The third law states that everything is happening as it is meant to. Before we came into these bodies, we made agreements about what we wanted to learn and which specific experiences we needed to grow. People identify with experiences as good and bad when actually they are all meant to help us grow and evolve as spiritual beings.

When people do things happen that seems horrible and unforgivable, they are really done out of love. The souls made contracts for these events to happen to benefit each other. How we perceive these events or lessons is up to each being. If you look at why these things happened and what you are meant to learn from it, the energy will disappear and you will be able to connect with a deeper space of yourself or your divine Self which is pure consciousness.

The foundation of my personal medical intuitive system and the basis for Cosmetic Energy Healing® is based on these 3 spiritual laws. Everything that we experience is an opportunity for us to grow and evolve spiritually. When we don’t learn the lessons, they manifest into health issues. So how I treat health issues to help you understand what the lesson and why it is happening.

Lessons, can be karmic and there might something that you need to learn based on experiences from past lives. They can be ancestral which means that you decided to clear a lesson that has been passed down generation to generation. In my theory this is what genetic health issues area, ancestral karmas. Some people take on group karmas and want to dissolve those. These can be belief systems, negative habits etc. The gain of this is that it can clear a lot of personal karma if successful.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® addresses all of this and goes deeper. How you perceive yourself in the mirror is not necessarily how you physically look but your relationship with yourself. This is a reflection of your ability to love yourself which is ultimately your connection to the divine or God.


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