Your Face Tells The Story Of Your Life

Your Face Tells The Story Of Your Life

The first time that I travelled to India I was in my early 20s. I remember my first day there walking around in New Delhi at Connaught Circle trying to cross the road among a sea of pedestrians, cars, bicycles, camel carts, elephants and much more. I could not believe how many different types of people I could see from wealthy businessmen to poor street men in turbans wearing a wrap around cloth as pants riding a bicycle rickshaw with 5 or more people in it. I remember looking at people’s faces and being able to read their whole life story.

That was almost 20 years ago now and the memory came back to me so clearly when I started to channel the theory behind how Cosmetic Energy Healing® works. Our face and body is a reflection of our story and past. Every facial expression, thought and emotion we have creates an imprint which becomes the shape of our face.

Your Thoughts & Feelings Create the Shapes in Your Face

When a baby is born, its face is round and plump with a sense of innocence in their face. As they grow up their thoughts begin to create the shaping of their face and features. If you look at siblings and their photos when they are young, often they look quite similar. You will notice that as they grow, their face starts to develop distinct features. Even some people within the same family who looked similar when younger, can look very different when they are older. This is because of how their thoughts have evolved and how this has created the character in their face.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Reverses the Story to Reverse the Lines on Your Face

The method that Cosmetic Energy Healing® uses to reverse aging and do facials is to heal the unprocessed energy from our life. This could be old thoughts, emotions, stress or trauma that is lingering in the energy body, cells or physical body. By doing so, the healing resets the energy body and cells to bring it back to a healthy state. In some cases, it can reverse it back 20 years or more taking ages off a person.

To erase wrinkles, Cosmetic Energy Healing® erases the story that created facial which made the wrinkle. It looks at what created the imbalance in the energy body which stopped the body from naturally healing itself. By doing so, it resets the healing system and guides energy to heal various aspects of the body. Then Cosmetic Energy Healing® can work on consciously creating a desired physical result.