Lily Chandra

Founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing ® & Medical Intuitive

Lily’s intuitive energy healing gifts awakened spontaneously in her early twenties. In 2013 she channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing® which reverses aging naturally. She is still the only person in the world with this ability.

She began her 14 year career as a medical intuitive and has healed numerous people around the world when doctors and specialist failed.

She uses many energy healing techniques including Past Life Healing, Karmic Healing, DNA Healing, Cellular Healing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit and Animal Communication plus more.

Lily has 2 adult children and lives with her Boston Terrier Lucy, in Whistler, Canada.

Work with Lily


Founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing ® & Medical Intuitive

Work with Lily to look younger naturally or to heal your body. Lily use Cosmetic Energy Healing® to reverse aging including reducing wrinkles, scars, moles and veins. She performs face + neck lifts, breast augmentations, grey hair reverseal, regrows and removes hair plus more. She can help you with any health issue, chronic injury or pain. All sessions can be done via Zoom including beauty treatments.

Beauty Philosophy


Beauty is not about how you look in the mirror. It’s about how you feel about yourself.


Your connection to the divine and how you radiate self love.


Beauty is being able to confidently express your true self.


Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Lily spontaneously received the knowledge on how to reverse aging using her unique energy healing technique in 2013. She can perform energy face and neck lifts, remove wrinkles, scars, moles, veins, reverse grey hair, remove/regrow hair, thicken and grow eyelashes and eyebrows plus so and much more.

All of Brahmi’s products are infused with this special energy healing to work with your vibration to help you express your beauty confidently. Find out more on how Cosmetic Energy Healing® works by clicking here.


Brahmi’s Products

Brahmi is Lily’s skincare line that is infused with her unique Cosmetic Energy Healing®. It is a Whistler based company that prides themselves in their vegan, natural and organic products. They are made with Love + Intention in Canada.

Brahmi Products Face Cream

Divine Rose Face Cream

This Ultra-light face cream filled with nourishing organic ingredients and plant extracts. Suitable for all skin types, and Ideal for sensitive and/or dry skin.


Brahmi Products Face Serum

Divine Rose Face Serum

A hydrating oil-based Serum containing 6 of the world’s most nourishing Organic Oils, and Essential Oils prized for their beautifying properties.


Brahmi Products Balm 11:11

11:11 Balm

This balm removes the appearance of the 11 lines between the eyebrows while awakening your third eye and connecting you to your angels and guides.


Brahmi Products Lip Treatment

Divine Rose Lip Treatment

Nourish lips naturally with this soothing and reparative lip treatment infused with lip-hydrating botanical oils, extracts and actives. 100% natural treatment.


Brahmi Products

Brahmi Pack

A pack of all 4 Brahmi Skincare products. Start your day with a spiritual and beautiful ritual that connects you to your inner self. Your true beauty.


Clean Beauty Commitment

Our products are made without added sulphates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

no sulfate

Sulphates Free

paraben free

Parabens Free

Phthalates Free

Phthalates Free

No Syntetic Fragrances

No Syntetic Fragrances

Core Values

We pride ourselves in our vegan, natural and organic products which are made with Love + Intention in Canada.



(def) the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


We care about the planet. That’s why our product labels are printed on FSC paper at a carbon neutral printer. Plus all our product packaging is all recyclable.

Giving Back

A percentage of our profits are donated to charity.

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