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I’m Lily Chandra.

I am a psychic, energy healer and want to help you live the life you desire.

I am the founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing®I reverse aging naturally and help you express your inner and outer beauty confidently. 

My medical intuitive gifts can heal your body and help you understand the spiritual lesson behind your health condition.

My passion is to help you release limiting beliefs so that you can create the life of your dreams while living spiritually and authentically.


Lily Chandra - Energy Healer

Spiritual Beauty

Lily channeled the spiritual healing art of Cosmetic Energy Healing® in May 2013. She reverses aging and performs plastic surgery with energy healing and only her hands.

Lily believes that spiritual beauty is how you feel about yourself. Your relationship with self love plus your inner and outer energy. Collectively this energy radiates and creates a vibration or glow that is perceived as beauty. Lily offers instant access online healings, private sessions and online courses for Cosmetic Energy Healing®


“All health issues are karmic and have a spiritual lesson that we are meant to learn from it. Understanding this is the key to our health.”

Lily has worked as a medical intuitive and energy healer for a decade. She has healed people and animals using her personal energy healing method when doctors and specialists could not. Lily believes that the body naturally knows how to heal itself and when we are stressed we go out of balance. Lily’s system identifies what caused this and jump starts the body’s natural healing ability creating good health. Lily offers private sessions and online courses on medical intuition and energy healing.

Medical Intuition


“The key to attracting abundance is not to work more or to try to earn more money. The key is to change your belief around money and what you feel you deserve.”

Abundance is directly related to your connection to the divine. The divine is limitless and if you are connected to it, abundance flows organically. Lily works privately with clients and offers online courses to help you achieve more abundance in your life.

In the Shop

Work with Lily privately and receive sessions one-on-one in person, via Skype, phone or by email. Take advantage of her economical online healings for beauty, health and abundance.


Lily offers a variety of courses online and in person. Study to become a Cosmetic Energy Healing® practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Advanced Energy Healer, Awaken Your Intuition, Learn to attract more abundance, a relationship, learn spiritual entrepreneurship and how to heal yourself.

Lily’s courses are fun and informative. She shares her knowledge easily with her students as she believes that anyone can become psychic or an energy healer. She believes that it is our natural way and Lily has the ability to activate this opening in her students. Lily has worked with many students around the world and helped them awaken their gifts.  The online courses are self paced and can be accessed anytime.


Free Meditations

Meditation has been the key to my spirituality as it brings me back into the stillness of my being. I’ve created beautiful FREE Meditations to help you reverse aging, heal your body, awaken your intuition and attract more abundance.


Lily TV is an inspirational and educational resource where Lily shares her knowledge on spirituality, health, beauty, the healing arts, her personal stories and more to inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

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