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I’m Lily Chandra.

I am the founder of  Cosmetic Energy Healing® which reverses aging naturally. I perform everything that plastic surgery can but with my hands. I help you express your beauty non surgically.


Lily Chandra - Energy Healer

Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Lily channeled the spiritual healing art of Cosmetic Energy Healing® in May 2013. She reverses aging and can perform everything that plastic surgery can do with energy healing.

Lily performs energetic facials and neck lift, removes wrinkles, scars, moles, varicose veins & stretch marks. Reverses grey hair, performs breast augmentations, nose jobs, tummy tuck, liposuction and so much more.

Try a FREE Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Are you ready to try something new to achieve your beauty goals

Are you looking for natural and non invasive beauty techniques, then it's time to explore Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

I am offering a FREE Cosmetic Energy Healing® for wrinkle removal.
Try my FREE Anti-Wrinkle Energy Healing.

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Work with Lily privately and receive sessions one-on-one in person, online, phone or by email. Take advantage of her instant access online healings for beauty now.


Lily offers her Cosmetic Energy Healing® Practitioner's courses online and in person. She is currently offering courses in Vancouver, Canada.

Lily has a gift of helping people tap into their healing abilities. Therefore her courses are open to all skill levels even those new to energy healing. Students are taught how to work with the skin and hair and quickly learn how to perform Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

Lily has taught her course internationally in Canada, USA, Europe, India and Japan.



Lily TV is where Lily shares her depth of knowledge of energy healing and spirituality. She shares what she has learnt in her 11 year career as an energy healer. Lily talks about beauty from a spiritual perspective plus so much more.

Lily Chandra