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About Lily

Lily Chandra

Founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing ® & medical intuitive

Lily’s intuitive gifts awakened spontaneously one day and instantly she knew details about people’s lives. When she decided to give readings professionally, her energy healing abilities awakened themselves. Lily believes that she practiced the healing arts in past lives and when the timing was right, they appeared.

Lily travelled to India in her early 20s and that was the beginning of her deepening her spiritual practice. For years she worked with healers, learnt meditation and travelled to India and visited ashrams where she immersed herself in her spirituality.

As she cleared energy and opened herself up to the divine, her gifts started to awaken and become stronger. She became spontaneously psychic and channeled her personal medical intuitive and energy healing method that she uses to heal people of all types of health issues.

In May 2013, Lily channeled a new method that she called Cosmetic Energy Healing ®. She can reverse aging and basically do everything that plastic surgery can do with her hands! Lily is the only one in the world who carries this knowledge and people all over the world have sought her out.

She has the ability to tune into why people attract health issues and what the spiritual lesson is behind it. She guides people on a successful journey to bring their bodies and mind back into balance.

Lily teaches people how to awaken their intuition using her step her step process. She encourages people to follow their intuition to guide their life and spiritual journey.

Lily is based in Vancouver, Canada where she grew up and in Portugal where she spend a portion of the year. Lily teaches courses and workshops internationally and has taught in Canada, US, Europe, India and Japan.


1. You are the creator of your reality

2. Thoughts create your reality

3. Everything is happening as it is meant to

Favorite City:


Favorite Flower:


Favorite Music:

Hip Hop

Favorite Color:


One food that I could eat everyday:

Kale Caesar Salad with Cashew Dressing


Attend a Summer Olympics

Take a Road Trip in a VW Van

Eat My Way Through Rural Italy

Sail in the Mediterranean Sea

Teach Children to Meditate

Work with Lily

Lily offers her services in a variety of ways so that everyone can access her healings no matter what your budget is.

Private Sessions

Private session – Work with Lily intimately to heal your body, receive Cosmetic Energy Healing ®, intuitive insight into your life & spirituality, work through limiting beliefs to create abundance and spiritual business coaching. In each case Lily creates an action plan to support you in your journey towards your goals.

Email session

These work like private sessions but instead of meeting online, all correspondences are done by email. It is required to make a 5 session commitment to see results. To sign up please fill out this form.


Online Healings

Best value . These instant access guided healings are videos of Lily sending energy healings for beauty, health, abundance and chakra awakening. As you watch them the energy healing is released.

It is recommended to purchase 5 healings for mild cases and 10 for more advanced cases. It is advised to do the healings 2 or 3 times a week based on your intuition. In some cases you many need to continue with more healings. In all cases the ability to heal yourself is how you integrate the treatments.

You can watch this video to learn more. 





I met Lily through my husband who hired her for cosmetic healing. In the course of his work with her, so many things began to shift for him. As I watched, I knew what was happening was on a very deep level, beyond the physical reasons that he was focused upon. And, that's what she does. She opens one up to receive healing where it really wants to happen, whether physical, non-physical or both, and creates a vibrational resonance that allows the healing to begin unfolding beyond logic. I love how Lily works with awareness, wisdom, expansion, light and love, and it is felt through and through.

We ended up having Lily support us with better connection to and understanding of our children. It was very profound.Today, I will tell you that the life we are living is something we couldn't fully have dreamed up when we first met Lily, and I know that her energy work and support has something to do with that. She does cosmetic healing, but it goes very deep and touches the soul. From there the soul takes over, and life becomes very synchronistic, more of what it's meant to be. Chances are the cosmetic healing will occur at the physical level, but even if the physical thing does't change as you hope, you won't care because of the deep love and connection that you will feel for yourself and others. This is Lily's work and her gift to the world.


Selin Bilgin


It was love at first sight with Lily, she had an energy that I knew I wanted to get to know. She is intuitive, intelligent, and really gets to the heart of the matter with her energy work and coaching. After only one session with Lily, I went from being unsure of what my next steps were in terms of my career (which is a BIG deal for me) to organizing events based on my gifts that she helped me uncover on our call. Powerful!

In terms of her Cosmetic Energy healing, it honestly it challenged my existing beliefs about what was possible through energy alone, but the results show for themselves! I witnessed a shift in not only myself but the other women she worked with. I highly recommend contacting Lily NOW!




Lily Chandra has been a blessing to my life. I first found out about her 3 years ago on my birthday. I was intrigued by what she was doing. I have experienced her treatments as well as taken her courses. She is an amazing lifestream and all those who come into her presence are benefited by her wisdom and healing abilities.


Gina Smith

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Practitioner, California, USA

I’ve never met anyone quite like Lily. Being a pharmacist, I was successfully looking at life analytically. Her teachings and guidance were a catalyst for me to shift to a deeper understanding of the world through my heart.

My innate intuition and healing abilities magnified during her classes. I developed very specific techniques while working on other students and I also received hours of Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

The information Lily shares in her classes gives a foundation for her students to delve deeper into their intuition and spiritual journeys.

She is truly gifted and genuinely caring. Her Cosmetic Energy Healing® sessions leave me looking rejuvenated, relaxed and beautiful! It is her generous spirit of love and kindness that continues to be an inspiration to me.

She’s such a beacon of light in this world and she’s an amazing teacher! I truly appreciate her insights. The knowledge and tools she imparted gave me a new direction in life! My own healing practice!


Kale Jacobs

Cumberland, British Columbia

Right away upon meeting Lily for the first time I instantly felt a complete loving embrace from her without any judgment or ego. Working with Lily is a real treat since she really taps into the individuals unique needs without forcing an opinion, adapting to our personal styles very flexibly making the experience of learning very graceful. Her soft loving style of teaching makes one feel comfortable right away creating a smooth flow throughout the classroom environment, which in my opinion is essential for a group experience or one on one session.

Lily has greatly added to my spiritual evolution on so many levels with the importance of her works passion, shinning the Light back to our body, treating it as a Sacred temple that SHOULD be focused on since the physical mirrors the soul. With that being said i have healed on much deeper levels with Lily, awakening the metamorphosis of my physical and spiritual bodies, helping us to remember with proof through healing that our physical vessel is not set in stone and evolves with us. I highly recommend her spiritual work to everyone out there no matter what there belief system is…seeing is believing!


Yolande Morin

I met Lily a number of years ago as she was just starting out with her practice. I had many sessions with her over the years and she always helped me. Very often, I felt a lot lighter and free when I left her place after a session. We cleared up old patterns, attachments that no longer served me, past life stuff that still lingered affecting this lifetime, a few physical problems that disappeared with her magical ways of healing, wrinkles have gone, never to return, and many other aspects of my life have been greatly improved with her help. Lily`s methods have changed, improved, and developed as she evolves and channels and learns. Her classes/workshops were wonderful and she is a brilliant teacher: clear, concise and to the point as well as inspiring.

I highly recommend her. Just look at all her videos to learn more about this lovely magical woman.



I have taken several courses from Lily, Intuition Introduction 101, Medical Intuition & Advanced Energy Healing, Sending a Soul to the ‘Light’ after passing.

Lily’s training elevated my understanding of the Divine and the need to meditate regularly. These sessions gave me the tools & confidence to learn how to communicate to the Universe so I could turn my life around and, at times, help others. She removed a blockage which had prevented me from moving forward and taught me the importance to surrender to the Universe.

After the 30 days challenge, which I applied myself, I was rewarded! It seems hard to believe, but, I actually got rid of a harbouring depression which had set into my life due to several life changing events and the death of my sister combined all at one time. In 3 years, I had become discontent, depressed and practically bi-polar! I became worried that I was destroying my life & relationships. About 1 week after this 30 Day Challenge I felt different and my sour attitude had alleviated and even my facial lines changed and I felt like I was smiling within. I felt a lift in my attitude. That was such a gift, so profoundly subtle. I realized that something had really lightened me up. Since this, I’ve been calm and contented and my initiative & motivation has resumed. I know these changes are solely attributed to my application of Lily’s mentoring.

Lily is a great & lovely teacher. I could listen to her all day speaking of her life experiences and spiritual teachings. She has so much knowledge and depth and so dedicated to help others and a true example of pure love and respect for the Divine & the Universe. I thank her very much for dedication.


New York, USA

Working with Lily has been a truly unique and blessed privilege. She is extremely insightful, and she uses her intuitive and spiritual gifts to delve deep into the root of anything you seek to transform in your life. I have gained so much clarity about my life and optimism in regards to the future from my work with her, to which I always look forward.



Lily is very personable and takes a genuine interest and concern in the spiritual lives of her clients. I came to see her regarding a physical issue, but the most significant benefit I received was getting rid of irrational anxiety. I use to have anxiety that I would describe as crippling, especially when starting a new job. I experienced this multiple times, and I stayed at a job for almost 12 years when it would have been beneficial to leave at several points during that time. I was afraid to leave because I didn’t want to go through the agony of what I had experience in the past. I started a new job about six months ago and there has been very little anxiety! This is not the only benefit from my working with Lily, but it is the most tangible of what I have experienced.



Lily’s class is an interesting combination of inspiration and practicality. I realized I was “boxing” myself in with my thoughts. Lily helped me open my mind to possibility and to not worry about how my dreams could manifest. It’s all about vibration. She has an uncanny ability to help us see how we are limiting ourselves. Sometimes this takes persistence on her part, but she doesn’t let us off easily! Lily is warm-hearted and shares her personal experiences of manifesting. Her class is fun, useful and gives a template of how to overcome the ways we keep from manifesting our dreams. Then the rest is up to us.

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