About Lily

cosmetic energy healing

Lily’s spiritual journey began 30 years ago when she first started to meditate. She has since travelled the world in search of the peace within. Lily spent many years in India with enlightened teachers in ashrams learning yoga, spiritual knowledge and doing silent retreats. She is drawn to her roots of Hinduism as well as modern spirituality. Being born in Canada, led her to find the practicality of spirituality in everyday life.

Lily’s career as a healer unfolded synchronistically as destiny guided her on a journey to where she is today. She started her career  as a medical intuitive and healer 14 years ago and has since helped many people around the world when doctors and specialists failed.

In 2013 Lily channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing®, a natural way to reverse aging and look beautiful. Nine years later and she is still the only one in the world that carries this knowledge.

Lily offers private sessions online and in person. All of her beauty treatments are available online.

Lily teaches intuition and energy healing privately to students in a one on one style.  This allows her to carefully craft her teaching to meet each students divine abilities. Each person has their own healing gifts and learning can help them grow and flower.

Lily has 2 adults children and lives with her Boston Terrier Lucy in Whistler, Canada.