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Creating Focused Intentions

Lily talks about creating focussed intentions and how doing so can create consistent results in your manifestations. Watch this video to learn how to make focused intentions.

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How Law of Attraction Works

Lily explains the step by step process on how law of attraction works. She talks about how she uses law of attraction to manifest her reality and includes her philosophy and the knowledge that she has channeled.

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How I got into Law of Attraction

I had heard of Law of Attraction for years and was one day drawn to watch many of their videos. In 2012 I was invited to go on the Alaska cruise and my friend offered to gift me and my children.

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5th Chakra - Communication

The 5th chakra symbolizes communication and when out balance it can stop you in your tracks. Freedom to speak your truth and clearly express your voice is an important part of life.

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Tea Leaf Readings

Lily does a spontaneous tea leaf reading in her day. She felt guided to make a cup of tea and hear what her guides have to share with her.

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