Spiritual Beauty Face Analysis

In this video Lily talks about her theories on spiritual beauty and the shape of the face. She talks about the general shape and how it relates to the emotions and thoughts that we have during our life.

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Spirituality and Beauty

Spirituality and beauty is the perfect merger of the physical body and the inner world. Spiritual beauty looks at beauty as a reflection of your divine self and how you perceive that in the mirror. As you allow your inner world to merge with your physical body, you look different and radiate a new quality of beauty.

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Weight Loss and Self Love

Does how you view yourself affect your weight? Is your weight a reflection of your relationship with your body. Or is a reflection of what you don’t appreciate about your body. Watch this video to learn more.

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Spirituality and Weight

Your spirituality could be affecting your weight and you don’t even know it. That’s because anything that affects your energy body affects your physical body. Therefore your spirituality affects your weight. Watch this video to learn more.

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Weight Loss: Trauma and Weight

Does trauma affect your weight? Anytime we hold onto to anything it must go somewhere. If you have changed your diet and exercise routine and you still can’t get rid of excess weight, then maybe it’s time to look at the affect of trauma on your weight.

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Weight Loss: Emotions and Weight

Have you ever thought about your emotions and how this affects weight? When we hold on to our emotions it requires a container, the body is that vessel. Watch this video to learn more about how your emotions affect your weight loss program.

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