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How to Let Go of Trauma From Past Relationships

If we have not processed our past relationships, we may be blocking attracting a new one. It is important that we let go of trauma and heal our hearts in order to break old patterns and allow someone new into our lives. In this video Lily shares her tips on how to let go of trauma from past relationships.

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Identifying Relationship Patterns

Do you tend to attract the same partner over and over again. This is because you are repeating your relationship patterns. When we learn the spiritual lesson behind our patterns, we can transcend them and attract a new partner. Watch this video to find out what your relationship patterns are.

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The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

n this video Lily talks about the spiritual role of relationships. She talks about how we make sacred contracts before we incarnate and agree to meet up with specific souls to evolve. This is all for the purpose to evolve and grow as beings. Watch this video to learn more.

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