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Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Cosmetic Energy Healing®

In this video Lily Chandra talks about what she thought when she channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing®. Lily herself was amazed at how she could perform plastic surgery with her hands.

She realized that she was changing the body by releasing old trauma and stories that made physical imprints. She speaks about how she realized that adult acne was caused by trauma during puberty. This shock to the body in a sense paralyzes it and it does not know that it has aged. The hormones are still being secret as if the person is going through puberty.

To fix this Lily adjusts the hormone secretion and shorty the acne disappears. The changes to Cosmetic Energy Healing® are instant as Lily works on the quantum space of consciousness. Anyone can learn this and Lily teaches her program in person and is working on an online program.

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About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Lily Chandra

Lily Chandra is a medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic and spiritual business entrepreneur.

Lily was always spiritual and even as a young girl she thought about what this world is really about. She always knew that there was more to life and to mosts surprise, she grew up non religious. Her desire for spirituality guided her to learn about mediation and yoga which she learnt about by reading books at the library. She taught herself how to meditate through a book when she was 16 years old.

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