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Self Love Ritual

Radiate Your Divinity

With Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facials

The six minute technique that combines the best of ancient wisdom, energy healing and natural products to reprogram your cells and amplify your soul’s glow.

And you can do it yourself from home!
Lily – Facial Course

Why It Works…

Self Love is Divinity

When you are connected to your divinity,
you can create anything you desire…
including the beauty, body and face you wish.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facials energetically
support you in your intentions.

Tighten +
Lift Skin
Unleash Your
Unique Glow
Love Yourself

One Simple Solution

The Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facial helps you…

glowing and dewy looking skin
Glowing + Dewy
Looking Skin
Clears Acne +
Acne Scars
Eyebrow Shaping
Brighten, Lift +
Firm Eyes
Copy of Copy of Lily – Facial Course-3
Face & Neck
Lifting + Tightening
Remove 11 Lines
Between Brows
Natural Eyelash
Untitled design
Slim Face +
Create V Shape
Untitled design-3
Reduces Wrinkles
+ Blemishes
Natural Lip
Plumping + Colour
Untitled design-2
Facial Hair
Nose Job

Your Self Love

Is More Powerful
Than You Realize

People Are Positively Glowing

She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-3
She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-4
She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-5

Unleash Your Soul’s Glow

In 3 Easy Steps

Learn the science and facial technique from a master practitioner in just 2.5 hours.
Follow the plan for 30 days. It’s all laid out for you. Takes six minutes each morning.
Feel confident and powerful. Stare at yourself in the mirror and think, “I am a reflection of the divine.”

Join The Self love Ritual Now

Designed to help you reprogram your cells for
regeneration to optimize your results in 30 days.

What’s Included

15 Energy Facial Techniques demonstrated in easy to follow videos.

All the science, in bite-sized videos so that you can explain it to your friends when they compliment you on your glow.

Lily’s Signature Complete Cosmetic Energy Facial for you to practice just six minutes each morning.

Value : $ 4,444

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Treat Yourself

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12 Facial Beauty Meditations

Bonus 1

12 Facial Beauty Meditations ($250 Value)

Fall easily into the frequency of self love which supports you on a cellular level.

Reprogram your brain and change your thoughts to focus on what you want.

Listen daily for consistency to help increase your belief and accelerate results.

Receive 12 meditations that focus on a different part of the face.

Bonus 2

Brahmi Skincare Set by Lily (Value $380)

Vegan, naturally-sourced and organic
Each set enchanted with Cosmetic Energy Healing® and the intention to transform your beauty.
Silky, luscious, pure love products for your face.

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Special Bonus

30 Minute Personal Energy Healing with Lily (Value $1,000)
Get a head start on your Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facial.
Allow your soul ‘s desires to surface.
Ask any questions you want.
Receive the frequency of self love from divinity.

People are having mystical transformations

Danielle Odette

“Lily’s Cosmetic Energy Healing® session was incredible. Two days later, someone who sees me regularly commented that I was “glowing”… Lily’s session worked! It feels divine to be reminded of our connection to source. Beyond grateful!”

Danielle Odette, USA

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

“I received the Brahmi pack just over 2 months ago from Lily and have been using them daily ever since. I think these products are absolutely wonderful. The ingredients are natural, vegan and organic which is very important to me. Over the last two months, I have noticed that my skin is much smoother and has developed a glow, which friends and family have commented on. I definitely recommend these products, whether you purchase the Brahmi pack or purchase them individually. Thank you Lily.”

Lori H, Canada 

Untitled design-51

“Lily performed one of the best facials I have ever had. I didn’t know what to expect when I booked the appointment but was pleasantly surprised with the experience and results.

Not only was it relaxing and the results were divine but it was enlightening and releasing. I felt like she help me work through things in my body and mind that I didn’t know I needed to work out. She helped me find space and feel relaxed which I haven’t felt in a long, long time.

The result!!! Wow! My skin is flawless! The fine lines were smoothed out, my skin is radiant and glowing. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone and my eyes look bright and fresh.

I bought her lip balm and I don’t leave the house without it! Not only does it make my lips super smooth and hydrated, but it plumps them up! Love love love this product.”

Jessie Morden, City Councillor, Whistler, Canada.

Join The Self Love Ritual Now

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What are your beauty treatments costing you?

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$150 – $250+ Facial Every Month

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$120 – $300 + Eyelash Extensions Every Month

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$600 + Eyebrow Microblading 1-2 Times Per Year

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$400 – $800+ Lip Injections 1-2 Times Per Year

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$200 – $800+ Botox Every 3-4 Months

Untitled (900 × 900 px)-2

$$$$ Plastic Surgery

These treatments alone will cost you $2,750+ per session.

Plus you will need to continue to do them for the rest of your life.

Not to mention the costs of expensive plastic surgery.

Imagine learning how to do this yourself using a holistic technique.

You will save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Plus feel a deeper connection to self love and your divinity.

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Lily. And I know what it’s like to love and accept yourself 100%… and still want MORE. After all, that’s how soul expansion works in the Law of Attraction.

Perhaps you’re like me and you wonder how to use your divine gifts to reprogram your cells and reshape your outward appearance to match your inner light.

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to transform the exterior of your body as if it were clay, and I can show you how. For decades, I’ve healed people when doctors and specialists failed. That’s how I became a medical intuitive and channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

I am passionate about teaching so that you can feel your power of transforming your own beauty and reality.


Spiritually Inspired 

Scientifically Proven

David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and author of Lifespan says:

“There is no biological limit… of course there isn’t. We are the same stuff as a whale that can live a lot longer than us (200 years), we’re built of the same stuff as tortoises, pretty much the same stuff as trees that can live thousands of years, it’s a software problem.

What’s interesting about biology is that software encodes the ability to rebuild the hardware. So, we need to reset the software. And when we do that, we find that tissues regenerate in animals; Organoids, which are mini human organs, regenerate, they fix themselves and they function like they are new again. So it is, in my view, 99 percent a software problem.”

The Brahmi Mindset

You are infinite

Self love is being connected to your divinity. When you’re connected, you can create anything you desire… Including the body and face that you wish.

Brahmi skincare energetically supports you in your intentions.


Beauty is a light in the heart – Kahil Gibran

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence – Blake Lively

Let your light shine, and let the world bask in the beauty of your glow.” – Charmaine J. Forde