Your Face is Precious

Reverse The Effects Of Aging Without Harmful Botox, Fillers Or Plastic Surgery

Private sessions with Lily help you transform your physical appearance naturally


Does this sound familiar?

* You are young at heart and want to look on the outside how you feel on the inside.

* You are looking for non-surgical and natural alternatives to plastic surgery, botox, and fillers. 

* You are concerned about what you put into your body and worried about cosmetic malpractice

* You have exhausted all the beauty treatment options and still haven’t found the solution you desire.

* You are frustrated not being able to go in public while your face heals from cosmetic procedures. 

Imagine a gentle and non-invasive alternative with One-on-One Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facials

Enjoy the feeling of radiating your beauty from the inside out

Love the way you look even more every day

Appreciate an increased overall energy and positive outlook

Attract new relationships, up-level your career, manifest unexpected abundance with your enhanced confidence.

Savor the compliments when people ask you, “What are you doing? You are positively glowing.”

One Simple Solution with Comprehensive results

Private sessions with Lily help you…

glowing and dewy looking skin
Glowing + Dewy
Looking Skin
Clears Acne +
Acne Scars
Shape + Thicken
Brighten, Lift +
Firm Eyes
Copy of Copy of Lily – Facial Course-3
Tighten + Lift
Face + Neck
Remove 11 Lines
Between Brows
Thicken, Curl +
Lengthen Eyelashes
Untitled design
Slim Face +
Create V Shape
Untitled design-3
Reduce Wrinkles
+ Blemishes
Plumps Lips +
Adds Natural Colour
Untitled design-2
Facial Hair

Yes! Energy Can transform your physical appearance:

The Weird New Science Behind Cosmetic Energy Healing®

Real beauty is about how you feel about yourself. The more you feel love for yourself, the more you radiate your essence. The glow from your spirit or divinity expands beyond your physical body and is interpreted as beauty.

AND… New science shows that your cells can be reprogrammed with this self love to regenerate. So “aging” may just be a limiting belief.
David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics adt Harvard Medical School and author of Lifespan says, “There is no biological limit (to human life)… of course there isn’t. We are the same stuff as a whale that can live a lot longer than us (200 years),… the same stuff as trees that can live thousands of years, it’s a software problem.”
“What’s interesting about biology is that software encodes the ability to rebuild the hardware. So, we need to reset the software. And when we do that, we find that tissues regenerate in animals; Organoids, which are mini human organs, regenerate, they fix themselves and they function like they are new again. So (aging) is, in my view, 99 percent a software problem.”

Treat Yourself to a Personalized Beauty Journey

This. Is. Life-Changing.

During these energy healing sessions, I become a conduit for pure source energy to work with and through, to activate and amplify your energetic resonance.
I receive downloads and messages from source, specifically intended for you at this moment on your life journey.
I will share any affirmations and guidance I receive through source that would be beneficial for you moving forward.
This is infinite and encompasses many lifetimes, some of which we can carry over into our current life experience.
Remote Energy Healing is my specialty and requires nothing from you. In fact, the less you do, the better! Simply sit back, luxuriate and feel the infinite power of love wash over you. 

People Are Positively Glowing

She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-3
She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-4
She’s absolutelyradiant a divine glow-5

Imagine What Infinite Confidence Might Be Worth

Confidence is feeling great in your own skin. With confidence you can do anything. 
Which is why the average person spends $2,500 – $5,000 each year on Botox and fillers. 
Each year the price increases as more is needed. 
All of these procedures have uncertainty. You inject chemicals into your body that have not been tested for longterm effects. Each time, your appearance can be altered in ways that you might not like. 
Plus, include surgical procedures like threading and you could easily spend $10,000 on cosmetic procedures that you have to continuously undergo. In just one decade, you could spend $100,000 and see diminishing returns. 

What If You Invested In Your Long-Term Radiance Instead?

Join Lily’s Glow Up in 90 Days

Your cells can be reprogrammed and stimulated to regenerate. 
My Cosmetic Energy Healing® stimulates your cells so that you experience long-lasting results.

The energy continues to work while you sleep, while you eat, while you go about your day.

But you have to spend time with the right focus, the right energy alignment and build momentum first.
Three months with me will be the best long term investment you’ve ever made. It’s not just an investment in your beauty and your physical appearance but your long term confidence too.
This is a one time investment for the private support and a customized plan for your specific goals. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about what you are putting in your face.

There’s Only a Few Spots Available for the One-on-One Glow Up in 90 Days. 

Here’s What You Get:

* Initial consultation and assessment of your goals (value $1,000)
* Customized 12 week journey to meet your goals (value $2,000)
* One-on-One weekly Cosmetic Energy Healing® sessions with Lily (value $12,000)
* Lily sends daily blessings and energy healing (value $12,000)
* Option to schedule two weekly calls and complete the process in half the time (value $12,000)
* Follow-up assessment (value $1,000)
* 30 Day Self Love Ritual (Value $2222)
* Facial Beauty Meditation (Value $250)
* 7 Chakra Beauty Meditations (Value $350)
*Brahmi Skincare Set (Value $300)
I channeled the GLOW UP IN 90 DAYS program to serve as the ULTIMATE beauty resource. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this so that you see tangible results. I can only take a few clients at a time.

You receive everything for $15,000.

Ready to Tap into the Power of Cosmetic Energy Healing®?

Here’s How You Get Started With Lily Today


Register for your Glow Up in 90 Days 

The complete package to reprogram your cells for regeneration and transform your physical appearance.


Schedule Your Consultation Call

Assess your beauty goals and receive your customized plan.


Schedule Your Private Sessions

Feel renewed, bask and luxuriate while Lily does the work.

Every day is an opportunity for unlimited adventure.

And I’d love to guide you through your beauty journey.

You Are Guaranteed to Get Results

I want you to be thrilled

You’ve probably received an energy healing before. This is no different. Changing your energetic state changes your body. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a disease inside the body or your external physical features the process works the same way. 
So if you know you have already been transformed by an energy healing, or you are open to this being your first experience, you will see results.

During your first consultation call when you are sharing your goals with me, I will know if what you want in this three months time is possible. If it is not, I will tell you.  

How Lily Can Help You

Hi, I’m Lily. And I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and to not recognize the face looking back. Perhaps you feel differently on the inside and you want people to recognize your inner light/divinity. That is totally normal.

You don’t need plastic surgery or harmful cosmetic procedures.

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to transform the exterior of your body as if it were clay with energy healings. Since 2009, I’ve healed people when doctors and specialists failed. That’s how I became a medical intuitive and channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

As an energy healing practitioner, my focus is on utilizing the body’s natural energy systems to promote overall well-being. With years of training and experience, I have developed a deep understanding of the body’s energetic pathways and how to balance and optimize them to align with your beauty goals.

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, and I create a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable exploring their own unique healing journey.

I’ve helped hundreds of people and I am sure I can help you too. I’d love for you to greet life with a face that you fall in love with even more everyday.


Only You Can Choose Your Beauty Reset

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“The true fountain of youth lies within us, waiting to be discovered.” – Unknown