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Creating Momentum in your Manifestations

Creating Momentum in your Manifestations

Some of you have had the chance to see today’s video. The video was cut off just as I began to discuss my own experiences. This video discusses the feelings that people are hiding. Technical issues caused the video to not upload properly and was cut at 15 minutes. The above video is the full and corrected version.

The first group chat will be this Saturday morning PST. Subscribers to the Youtube channel and registered for the challenge will be invited to join.

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The key to attracting abundance

Is not to work more or to try to earn more money. The key is to change your belief around money and what you feel you deserve. Once you’ve unlocked this you can allow it to flow to you. The first step is to create an intention which is telling the universe what you want. Step 2 is to allow the space to receive by letting go and releasing all attachments. When the timing is right the universe will give it to you and if you feel worthy to receive, you will catch it.

Lily went through this exact process herself and changed her beliefs about money and what she felt she deserved. Her biggest block was her cultural and ancestral conditioning about money and what she picked up from her family growing up. She broke the concept that work equals money and very quickly abundance showered her. Lily didn’t change the amount of work that she did and in fact she did less and attracted more! Lily attended 4 Abraham Hicks cruise seminars where she learnt their system and adapted to fit her philosophy on abundance. To learn more watch this video on Abundance.

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About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Lily Chandra

Lily Chandra is a medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic and spiritual business entrepreneur.

Lily was always spiritual and even as a young girl she thought about what this world is really about. She always knew that there was more to life and to mosts surprise, she grew up non religious. Her desire for spirituality guided her to learn about mediation and yoga which she learnt about by reading books at the library. She taught herself how to meditate through a book when she was 16 years old.

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