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Creating New Routines

Creating New Routines

Lily talks about her personal struggles on how to get back into yoga and juicing. She shares what is the link that is holding her back and how she creates a new routine to work through it. Day 5 Creating New Routines

She talks about how to make small changes to your daily routine to shake up your energy field. This creates a new vibration which allows space for new things to come in.

She goes through a list of what she has achieved already in a short 5 days and shows how creating momentum can be a big part of manifesting.

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About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Lily Chandra

Lily Chandra is a medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic and spiritual business entrepreneur.

Lily was always spiritual and even as a young girl she thought about what this world is really about. She always knew that there was more to life and to mosts surprise, she grew up non religious. Her desire for spirituality guided her to learn about mediation and yoga which she learnt about by reading books at the library. She taught herself how to meditate through a book when she was 16 years old.

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