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FREE Anti-Aging Wrinkles Removal Energy Healing

Cosmetic Energy Healing® removes wrinkles and performs anti aging naturally.

Benefits of Cosmetic Energy Healing®


In this FREE video I will introduce you to energy healing and its many benefits. It is natural and safe with no side effects unlike botox, plastic surgery, fillers etc.

My method is simple and powerful as it taps into your body's natural healing ability to reverse the age of the cell to transform your beauty.

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Reduce Wrinkles

Smooth the complexion

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Tighten and Firms

Skin and Face

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Radiates Your Glow

Brings out your inner glow


"It was love at first sight with Lily, she had an energy that I knew I wanted to get to know. She is intuitive, intelligent, and really gets to the heart of the matter with her energy work and coaching. After only one session with Lily, I went from being unsure of what my next steps were in terms of my career (which is a BIG deal for me) to organizing events based on my gifts that she helped me uncover on our call. Powerful!

In terms of her Cosmetic Energy healing, it honestly it challenged my existing beliefs about what was possible through energy alone, but the results show for themselves! I witnessed a shift in not only myself but the other women she worked with. I highly recommend contacting Lily NOW!"

Selin Bilgin

"Lily Chandra has been a blessing to my life. I first found out about her 3 years ago on my birthday. I was intrigued by what she was doing. I have experienced her treatments as well as taken her courses. She is an amazing lifestream and all those who come into her presence are benefited by her wisdom and healing abilities."


"Working with Lily has been a truly unique and blessed privilege. She is extremely insightful, and she uses her intuitive and spiritual gifts to delve deep into the root of anything you seek to transform in your life. I have gained so much clarity about my life and optimism in regards to the future from my work with her, to which I always look forward.."



Meet Lily Chandra

Lily Chandra is the founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She channeled the healing art in May 2013 and was able to perform what plastic surgery could do but with her hands.

Since then she has worked with numerous people around the world, reversing aging and reshaping the body. She can perform face and neck lifts, reverse grey hair, energetic tummy tucks, breast augmentations and so much using her advanced energy healing methods.

Lily Chandra