Lions Gate Portal Meditation: Manifest Strength and Abundance August 8, 2022

The Lions Gate Portal opens when the Sun is in Leo plus the Sirius star, Orions Belt and the Earth line up. This portal opens on Aug 8 and is considered to be a time of strength and money. It is considered to be the luckiest day of the year and time to manifest extreme abundance.

As the Lions Gate portal opens, you can tap into an energy field with limitless potential. It is a time to set your intentions and line up with the astrological event. This is a great time to plant seeds for what you desire and want to manifest.

My Lions Gate Portal Meditation helps to align you with this energy so that you can manifest your dreams.

8 Step Guide on How To Do A Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facial


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Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facial Course

The Cosmetic Energy Healing® Energy Facial and Non Surgical Face and Neck Lift program will show you how to perform these beauty techniques on yourself. You will learn the Cosmetic Energy Healing® mindset as well as energy healing techniques that you can incorporate into daily your skincare ritual. You will learn to perform an energetic facial: remove wrinkles, volumize lips, shape eyebrows, brighten and lift eyes, reduce the 11 lines between the eyebrows, lengthen and thicken eyelashes, lift the face and neck plus more.