Cosmetic Energy Healing®
Private Sessions


Radiate your beauty from the inside out.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® recognizes beauty from a spiritual perspective. Real beauty is about how you feel about yourself and how you reflect this to the world. The more we feel love for ourselves, the more we radiate our essence. The glow from our spirit or divinity expands beyond our physical body and is interpreted as beauty.

Work with Lily one on one to reverse aging naturally using non surgical methods.

Are you concerned about what you put into your body and are aware of the harm that traditional beauty treatments pose? Have you simply exhausted all the beauty treatment options and still haven’t found solutions to your beauty problem? Have you been searching for natural treatments or specifically using energy healing to solve your beauty concerns?

Cosmetic Energy Healing® is your answer. Besides meeting your beauty needs, it is a safe and natural alternative that has positive side effects like more energy, better sleep, digestion, mental clarity plus more.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Private Sessions with Lily for Beauty


Energy Facial


Lip Volumizing + Colouring


Eyebrow Shaping + Thickening


Eyelash Lengthening + Curling


Face + Neck Lift


Nose Jobs


Hair Straightening/Curling


Hair Thickening/Thinning


Tummy Tucks


Energetic Liposuction


Weight Loss


Breast Augmentations


Plus Much More


Reverse the effects of aging naturally; without harmful Botox, fillers, injections, lasers or plastic surgery.


About Lily

Lily’s psychic gifts opened up spontaneously in her early 20s and she instantly knew details about people’s lives. She uses her unique energy healing method to heal health + beauty issues non surgically plus naturally, using only her hands. Since 2009 Lily has successfully worked with clients around the world.



Intimate one on one time with Lily


Sessions are tailored to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs


Natural + spiritual alternative for health + beauty


Non surgical, no injections, no chemicals


Clients typically have more energy, mental clarity + focus, positive attitude, better sleep, improved digestion plus more


Clients comment that their whole lives change after working with Lily


Sessions available on Zoom


Interested in working with Lily?

Email Lily for current pricing or to set up a discovery call.

How it Works

In your initial session with Lily she will assess your beauty goals and identify any core issues. She will then create a customized plan that includes the quantity and frequency of each 1 hour session.

During each session, Lily tunes into the energy body and sees where the energy grid is blocked. She compares this to a hose that is twisted and water can’t flow. She is intuitively guided to perform various energy healing techniques to unblock this flow. Once it is open, energy comes gushing out and Lily is able to guide the energy to heal the body and reverse aging.

Those who have worked with Lily, comment that they feel like a whole new person and that they
radiate a glow.

As you embody your beauty and your confidence grows, you are able to master more aspects of your life. People who work with Lily comment that their whole lives change. They attract new relationships and deepen the ones that they are currently in, uplevel in their career, manifest unexpected abundance and more.




I have worked with Lily now for the past 3 years, and every time I do I come away feeling more empowered, stronger, and in control of my life. I completely 100% recommend working with her. She’s a game changer!

Veronica Kaye


I have been working with Lily since 2015. Her sessions and courses opened my eyes to another way of living. Another way of being. Lily’s love and energy is so potent. Her intuitive guidance is straightforward and effective.

Alana Irvine


Lily is absolutely amazing. She’s intuitive and always has such positive energy. Highly recommend her.

Henrietta Tan

Frequently Asked Questions

Lily intuitively addresses each situation uniquely and creates an individual plan for each person. Lilyrecommends 5-10 sessions to start and will assess the progress after the initial sessions. If needed, she will recommend more sessions.


Reverse aging naturally using non surgical methods

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