Sacred Site Beauty meditations + Beauty Key Codes


What are Sacred Site Beauty Meditations?

These Sacred Site Beauty Meditations are performed at various vortexes or energy centres. Lily was guided to perform meditations for the 7 chakras. Lily performs Cosmetic Energy Healing® during these guided meditations to align you with your divine energy. The energy healing taps into the powerful frequency of the land and tunes you to its vibration to transform your beauty.  The Cosmetic Energy Healing® transforms your body and beauty so that you can radiate your beauty confidently.

What Are Beauty Key Codes?

During this journey of meditating at sacred sites, Lily channeled beauty codes. She saw a clear and detailed method on how to use beauty codes to raise the frequency of the body to transform beauty.  It aligns with her message of connecting to your divinity and self love.  These activations are available through these guided meditations.

What You’ll Receive:


7  Chakra Meditations – 3 Meditations per Chakra


5 Beauty Key Code Meditations ~ to be filmed later this year in a magical sacred location TBA.


On a Yearly Membership, the Guided Sacred Site Beauty Meditations are available immediately.


With a Monthly Membership you receive a new chakra meditation per month for 7 months. Plus 5 months of Beauty Key Code Meditations


Lifetime access to your Sacred Site Beauty Meditations library

joshua tree sacred site beauty meditation
Redwood sacred site beauty meditation

Sacred Site Beauty Meditation Locations:


Cathedral Rock Vortex ~ Sedona, Arizona


Hidden Valley ~ Joshua Tree, California


 Calla Lily Valley ~ Big Sur, California


Castle Lake ~ Mt Shasta, California


Jedediah Smith ~ Redwood Forest, California


Whistler, Canada


New Locations 2022/2023 Coming Soon

“Ever since I’ve listened to Lily’s meditations my whole entire face has shifted completely !!”
“…it only took 2 days for my face to shift, it’s honestly incredible my skin feels tighter and fuller in volume.”
~ Jake Young, Australia

About Lily

Lily believes that meditation is one of the greatest tools that she has. She began meditating 30 years ago when she was 16 years old. She found a book at the library and taught herself how to do TM, Transcendental Meditation. She has studied meditation extensively in ashrams in India and done many silent retreats including 10 days in complete silence. Lily has travelled to holy places like the Ganges River and Mt Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India, the vortexes in Sedona, Arizona, Pyramids in Mexico and more.

Lily’s Cosmetic Energy Healing® technique has the ability to transform the body  and reshape it as you wish. The beauty meditations will take you into the state where she facilities this transformation in you.

Lily Chandra sacred site beauty meditation



I have worked with Lily now for the past 3 years, and every time I do I come away feeling more empowered, stronger, and in control of my life. I completely 100% recommend working with her. She’s a game changer!

Veronica Kaye


I have been working with Lily since 2015. Her sessions and courses opened my eyes to another way of living. Another way of being. Lily’s love and energy is so potent. Her intuitive guidance is straightforward and effective.

Alana Irvine


Lily is absolutely amazing. She’s intuitive and always has such positive energy. Highly recommend her.

Henrietta Tan

Frequently Asked Questions

Sacred sites are spiritual energy centres that harness the energy of the divine on the earth. They are located all over the world and people do pilgrimages to connect with its power to gain higher planes of consciousness. Lily has travelled to many of these places in her life and wants to share their transformational energy with you. Examples of sacred places include: Sedona, Mt Shasta, Ganges River, Himalaya Mountains, Tiruvannamali India. Machu Pichu, Peru, Maui and more.