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Brain Energy Healing

This energy healing brings balance to the physical and mental state of the brain. The energy healing will help release any excess thoughts, emotions and beliefs that is bogging down your brain. It looks at rewiring your mental process and refining the brain activity to help to come back into balance and operate at an optimum level. This healing is good for anyone looking to increase their mental capacity or to heal an injury.

About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Online Healings with Lily Chandra

These online energy healings are in video format and have the power to heal your body, mind and soul. Each energy healing is designed to heal a specific item and as you watch them, the energy healing is transmitted directly to you. It is recommended to do 2-3 energy healings a week to keep the momentum of the healing flowing. Each healing is like a seed that is planted in you and flowers as it is meant to. Each healing that you purchase continues to give energy healing and works on a new layer. The total number of energy healings that you need is based on your condition.

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