Consultation For Entity Removal


Entities are dense negative energies that need a host to live in this dimension. They typically take control of the host by controlling their speech, mind, actions and body functions.

Entity removal is very detailed and sophisticated work. Lily has developed a high protocol system that eliminates the entity for good and works with your entire family daily to do so. Protection is a major part of the energy healing and  Lily needs to protect everyone involved including herself.

Lily is an entity expert and people from all over the world refer this type of work to her as she has proven results.

The cost of entity removal packages start at $10,000. If you are interested in working with Lily, please fill out the following questions before making payment. $250 will be deducted from the final price if you choose to work with Lily after completing the consultation.

About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Online Healings with Lily Chandra

In May 2013, Lily channeled a new method that she calls Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She can reverse aging and basically do everything that plastic surgery can do with her hands! Lily is the only one in the world who carries this knowledge and people all over the world have sought out Lily for this.

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