Home & Space Cleansing Energy Healing


This service is done by distance method over 2 weeks and costs $3000

Lily has been cleaning homes, objects, and spaces since she first started working as an energy healer. She can intuitively feel where there is old stuck energy that is creating a negative field and how to cleanse. This can be caused by previous owners energies lingering, bad energy coming into your space from outside and much more.

Lily uses various energy healing techniques to clear your home and objects to dispel the negative energy. She then effectively puts up a permanent energetic protection so that negative energies no longer come in and affect you. This work can positively affect your mood, career, finances, relationships and much more.

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About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Online Healings with Lily Chandra

In May 2013, Lily channeled a new method that she calls Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She can reverse aging and basically do everything that plastic surgery can do with her hands! Lily is the only one in the world who carries this knowledge and people all over the world have sought out Lily for this.

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