Spirit Removal Energy Healing


This service is done by distance method and costs $1000.

Do you have a spirit that is lingering in your space? Spirits are beings that have died and have not crossed over. This is usually due to a traumatic death or if they have unfinished business on earth . Lily uses a detailed method to communicate with the spirit and helps them realize that they are dead.

She performs energy healing to heal their trauma and resolve what they need to process to move on. Lily safely opens a portal so that they can cross over. This type of spirit removal is safe for the spirit and everyone involved.

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About Lily Chandra Online Healings

About Online Healings with Lily Chandra

In May 2013, Lily channeled a new method that she calls Cosmetic Energy Healing®. She can reverse aging and basically do everything that plastic surgery can do with her hands! Lily is the only one in the world who carries this knowledge and people all over the world have sought out Lily for this.

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