Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Spiritual entrepreneurship is being in alignment with divine energy and your spiritual purpose. Integrating the practical aspects of business with ethics, values and divine guidance. Following your destiny and sharing your gifts with the world in a spiritual and balanced way.

Spiritual entrepreneurship is being in alignment with the divine energy and your spiritual purpose.  Integrating the practical aspects of business with ethics, values and divine guidance. Following your destiny and sharing your gifts with the world in a spiritual and balanced way.

Lily went to school for business and marketing well before she became an intuitive and energy healer.

She had a vision for her life that had nothing to do with her business today. Everything that Lily studied and experienced were stepping stones in her path. She believes that the divine lined these up so that she could be successful today.

The divine is working in the same way for you. It is simply a matter of recognizing it and moving deeper into your destiny path. If you feel that spiritual entrepreneurship is part of your path, then Lily has a program for you.
Lily's new online courses on Spiritual Entrepreneurship are now live. In them Lily shares the exact method that she used to build her successful 6 figure business. In the program you will learn the practical aspects of opening a business from concept to creation. You will learn how your destiny plays a key role and how to integrate this into your business plan. Plus how to tune yourself with the divine to grow your business.

This program comes with other online courses including Law of Attraction: Lily's Approach, Mastering Financial Abundance plus Time Management: The Spiritual Approach. Lily believes that these courses compliment each other and give you a full range of skills to start your business or grow your existing one.

Intuitive Business Consulting

Lily’s background in business paired with her intuition, has helped her clients make important decisions that has helped them grow and expand their business. When working with clients, Lily receives specific messages on how to help her clients grow their business, find new customers and avoid costly and time consuming errors.

She has helped clients by providing information on untapped markets, distribution strategy, marketing and pricing strategy to help her clients make thousands in extra revenue. She has a gift of guiding business owners on the path to abundant success.

Corporate Trainings

Lily’s is venturing into a world where she bridging mindfulness and spirituality into the business and corporate world. Lily and her business partner have designed the P3 Mastery Model which to Lily stands for Purpose, Passion and Profit. 

Lily is holding workshops and courses to help small to large scale businesses grow and expand. She offers a variety of services from  leadership training, team building, communication skills to mindful in the workplace. When working with companies, Lily looks at the business as a whole, the people, logistics and operations. She then offers suggestions to align the company with their Purpose and Passion to create Profit.

Lily has been guided to offer these services to help shift the consciousness in business and work towards ethical models.

If you are interesting in knowing more, please email Lily at hello@lilychandra.com.


Lily Chandra | Spiritual Entrepreneurship - Online Course

Are you ready to take the plunge and start your new business or are you looking to expand your existing business? Well this is the program for you.

Lily's approach to entrepreneurship combines her decade of experience in her business as an energy healer and intuitive with her business background. She combines understanding your spiritual destiny and purpose in this life with the practicality of setting up a business and marketing it.

In Lily’s NEW Spiritual Entrepreneurship program you will:

 Learn how to tune into your spiritual destiny

 Learn interpersonal skills to be successful and authentic in your business

 Gain confidence and change your perception of marketing and sales

 Learn how to use the law of attraction to help you in your business

 Learn to craft a strong business idea

 Learn to research your customer and market.

 Create a plan of action

 Increase sales

 Receive all future versions for free

 BONUS: Energy healings