Medical Intuition

Sessions With Lily

Lily offers her services in a variety of ways so that everyone can access her healings no matter what your budget is. She offers private sessions and Online Healings which are the most economical way to work with Lily. All of Lily’s healing have great benefit no matter which healing you choose.

Private Sessions

Work Intimately with Lily

Work privately with Lily to heal your body, receive Cosmetic Energy Healing® treatments, attract more abundance and learn how to live your dream life, purpose and more. Lily believes that everyone who meets her has made a contract to do so in this life. She intuitively receives messages that flow through her that the divine wants to share her clients. All sessions flow in the same manner and include talk portion and energy healing. Lily’s goal is to help you be physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially free to live the life you desire.

Email Healings

These work like private sessions but instead of meeting online, all correspondences are done by email. For best results,  a 5 session commitment is recommended.

Intuitive Business Consulting

This service is done via Skype, phone or in person. Lily requires a commitment of at least 10 sessions to see results.

Lily’s background in business paired with her intuition, has helped her clients make important decisions that has helped them grow and expand their business. Lily receives specific messages on how to find new customers, which suppliers to use and what to look out for. She has a gift of guiding business owners on the path to success.