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Sessions With Lily

Lily offers her services in a variety of ways so that everyone can access her healings no matter what your budget is. She offers private sessions and Online Healings which are the most economical way to work with Lily. All of Lily’s healing have great benefit no matter which healing you choose.

Private Sessions

On Sale - $350.00 per session

Regular Price - $500.00 per session

Work Intimately with Lily

Work privately with Lily to heal your body, receive Cosmetic Energy Healing® treatments, attract more abundance and learn how to live your dream life, purpose and more. Lily believes that everyone who meets her has made a contract to do so in this life. She intuitively receives messages that flow through her that the divine wants to share her clients. All sessions flow in the same manner and include talk portion and energy healing. Lily’s goal is to help you be physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially free to live your dream life.


To receive Cosmetic Energy Healing® treatments from Lily there is a 5 session minimum requirement in order to see results. Sessions are done once or twice a week based on Lily’s recommendations. Sessions are $500 and the total for 5 sessions are $2500. To work with Lily to transform your life requires a minimum of 10 sessions over a 1 month period. The 10 sessions on sale cost $5000. Lily will reassess your progress after the sessions and may recommend more sessions. Sessions are done in person, on Skype or on the phone. Lily travels internationally and sees clients around the world. See her schedule here.

Email Healings

These work like private sessions but instead of meeting online, all correspondences are done by email. It is required to make a 5 session commitment to see results.

Animal Healing & Communication

Lily has been working with animals since the beginning of her career.  Lily has the ability to communicate with animals and share their concerns and insights with their owners. She performs energy healing to heal their bodies and balance their emotions. Lily has helped many animals including: dogs, cats, horses, ferret, fish, birds, donkeys, sheep, goat and even elephants. Animal communication and energy healing is safe and gentle for any animal especially those experiencing trauma. Lily's services are done by distance method.

At one point when Lily would go to people's homes who had pets, the animals would spend the whole time talking to her and she would end up facilitating healing for them and their owners.

Home & Object Cleansing

Lily has been cleaning homes, objects, and spaces since she first started working as an energy healer. She can intuitively feel where there is old stuck energy that is creating a negative field and how to cleanse. This can be caused by previous owners energies lingering, bad energy coming into your space from outside and much more. Lily effectively puts up a permanent protection so that negative energies no longer affect you. This work can positively affect your mood, career, finances, relationships and much more.

Spirit Removal

Do you have a spirit that is lingering in your space? Spirits are beings that have died and have not crossed over. This is usually due to a traumatic death or if they have unfinished business on earth . Lily uses a detailed method to communicate with the spirit and helps them realize that they are dead. She does energy healing to heal their trauma and resolve what they need to process to move on. Lily safely opens a portal so that they can cross over.

Entity Removal

Entities are dense negative energies that need a host to live in this dimension.  They typically take control of the host by controlling their speech, mind, actions and body functions. They sabotage the host’s life including their career, relationships, health, finances and more. Lily has helped people all over the world get rid of dark entities effectively and permanently. She looks at why you attracted the entity and clears the karma behind it.

She cleanses the environment and puts up a secure permanent protection around her clients, their families and their homes. When Lily does entity healings, she works with you everyday for one month including everyone in your immediate family and household. The energy healing is done remotely and Lily emails notes of the healings throughout the course of the month. Lily has been successful at permanently removing stubborn entities on multiple occasions.

Client Testimonial

Elena speaks about meeting Lily and receiving sessions and taking all her courses. Her highlight was working with Lily for entity removal. Elena speaks about the major transformations that happened and how this drastically changed her whole family’s life.

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