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Medical Intuition

Sessions With Lily

Lily offers private sessions via Skype, phone and in person. She offers a variety of services to help you with your health, beauty and spiritual needs. Below are a list of just some of the series that she offers. Please email lily at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Private Sessions

Work Intimately with Lily

Work privately with Lily to heal your body, receive Cosmetic Energy Healing® treatments, attract more abundance and learn how to consciously create your life.

During this time Lily is offering sessions by phone and Skype. During these difficult times, she is here to support you. Lily provides insight to help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to reach out and receive the support you need during as the corona virus is stirring up many old beliefs, fears plus unprocessed trauma.

Lily believes that everyone who meets her has made a contract to do so in this life. She intuitively receives messages that flow through her that the divine wants to share her clients. All sessions flow in the same manner and include talk portion and energy healing. Lily’s goal is to help you be physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially balanced. To help you connect with your inner strength and feel happy.

She recommends a 10 sessions commitment to help you shift your life.

Awaken and Refine Your Gifts

In these sessions, Lily will work with you intimately to help you understand your gifts and how they work. She will awaken and explore your gifts with you while tuning into how they flow through you. Lily has the ability to see how the divine gives you messages and how the energy flows through you. She can also get a sense of what you are meant to share in this life and which beings you are working with. She tunes into your past lives and destiny to understand your gifts better. She releases ancestral and past life karmas to help you open fully.

The sessions evolve and flow as Lily helps you flex your spiritual muscles and expand your spiritual gifts. During this time Lily will tune into which areas you specialize in and how to best serve the world and others. It is recommended to have 5-10 sessions to see best results. People comment that after working with Lily their abilities jump to a whole new level.

Intuitive Business Consulting

This service is done via Skype, phone or in person. Lily requires a commitment of at least 10 sessions to see results.

Lily’s background in business paired with her intuition, has helped her clients make important decisions that has helped them grow and expand their business. Lily receives specific messages on how to find new customers, which suppliers to use and what to look out for. She has a gift of guiding business owners on the path to success.

Animal Healing & Communication

Lily has been working with animals since the beginning of her career.  Lily has the ability to communicate with animals and share their concerns and insights with their owners. She performs energy healing to heal their bodies, balance their emotions and deal with behavioural issues. Lily has helped many animals including: dogs, cats, horses, ferret, fish, birds, donkeys, sheep, goat, even elephants plus more. Animal communication and energy healing is safe and gentle for any animal especially those experiencing trauma. Lily's services are done by distance method.

At one point when Lily would go to people's homes who had pets, the animals would spend the whole time talking to her and she would end up facilitating healing for them and their owners.

Entity Removal

During this time of ascension, portals to other realities and dimensions are opening up quickly. This allows positive energy and beings access to the planet for our great good and divine awakening. This also allows dark forces onto the planet and more protection is needed to keep them out of our spaces. It is important to know that more and more entities are roaming the planet and looking for hosts. I have created a special energy healing package for this time which is 75% off my normal price. Please email me to set up a call.

Entities are dense negative energies that need a host to live in this dimension.  They typically take control of the host by controlling their speech, mind, actions and body functions. They sabotage the host’s life including their career, relationships, health, finances and more. Lily has helped people all over the world get rid of dark entities effectively and permanently. She looks at why you attracted the entity and clears the karma behind it.

She cleanses the environment and puts up a secure permanent protection around her clients, their families and their homes. When Lily does entity healings, she works with you everyday for one month including everyone in your immediate family and household. She extracts the entity from your body and energy field. She puts measures up so that they don't come back again. The energy healing is done remotely and Lily emails notes of the healings throughout the course of the month. Lily has been successful at permanently removing stubborn entities on multiple occasions.

Spirit Removal

Do you have a spirit that is lingering in your space? Spirits can haunt houses and try to get the habitants to leave thinking that someone is invading their space. This can cause havoc and fear for owners. These spirits don't know that they are dead and have not crossed over. This is usually due to a traumatic death or if they have unfinished business on earth . Lily uses a detailed method to communicate with the spirit and helps them realize that they are dead. She does energy healing to heal their trauma and resolve what they need to process to move on. She convinces them that they will be happier once they are on the other side. Lily safely opens a portal so that they can cross over safely and easily.

Home & Object Cleansing

Lily has been cleaning homes, objects, and spaces since she first started working as an energy healer. She can intuitively feel where there is old stuck energy that is creating a negative field and how to cleanse. If you have experienced hardship and the vibration of your emotional energy is lingering in your space this can cause health issues, financial hardship, negative emotions and general back luck. Energy lingering from previous owners plus bad energy coming into your space from outside can also affect the energy field of your living space.

To shift this energy, Lily works with you everyday for a month. She cleanses the space, all objects and clears the negative energy. She cleanses the walls, ceilings, floors and puts up a permanent protection around the property and on the doors and windows. This prevents negative energy from entering the space in the future.

This work can positively affect your health, career, finances, relationships, mood and so much more.

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